This account does not qualify for War Commander support as it has not spent $50 in the game.

James Bill
James Bill
Joined Sep 2014 Posts: 2
Why do I get this message inspite of the fact I have spent more than 50$?
  • James Bill
    James Bill
    Joined Sep 2014 Posts: 2
    I left game for about 3 years and when I try to catchup I am discouraged by such notes! Will this ever be sorted?

  • Darkshadows2069
    WC Mod
    Joined May 2014 Posts: 1,808

    Send me a pm and I will tell you what you will need to do to get your support enabled. 

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  • Maranwe
    Unicorn Overlord
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 3,782
    this is the worst idea and not nice how to treat people.
    Basically it means - pay us first and we might help you

    All support should be for free. Pushing people to buy support with answers like "You didn't save your game properly..." is wrong.

    There  is no 'Stealing' there is only 'Taking.' If you don't want your  stuff taken, then protect it. If you don't properly protect it,  don't whine about your failure to secure what you erroneously felt  was your property.

    Sometimes, even  I can't tell if I am being sarcastic or if I am really just a ****.  :-x
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