The Warriors of Malachi

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Written in association with @MX36 @drag0nsun @Hotstreak69 @Avireous_Ryx  and @Adel Wael 

Table of Contents (use ctrl-F keyboard command to quick search sections)
Tunes-music that can relate to the faction
Story- in game story for the faction
Faction Traits- War production and loyalty bonuses for the faction.
SF Era- units from the SF era, split into Uniques,Operators, and Preservers
Factions era-For factions era units, split into:
Gen 1,Gen 2, Gen 3 , Gen 4, Land Uniques.Air Uniques,and Defensive Uniques 
Offenders-zombies spawned by sentinels
Unobtainable Units-NPCs belonging to the faction
Sentinel Heraldry-Skins
Charts and Ops- various useful charts and spec ops.
Buildings-self ex
Committing Heresy Instead-playing against the faction (least updated section)
Trivia-minor details on the faction

Sentinels playlist

-Age of Creation - 
*founding of the sentinels 
*start of machinatheist faith
 *Malachai heads sentinels 
*Veng is the sentinel lieutenant

 -The Great Schism- 
*divide between sentinels and highway zealots
 *pantheon expends to include the dark prophet 
*Brother Jeramiah becomes Malachai's lieutenant

 -Age of Rivalry- 
*war between sentinels and zealots 
*arms race between sentinels and highway zealots
 *zealots and sentinels expand to other sectors in search of artifacts from before the great war
 *increased recruiting from both sides
 *sheila is promoted to a sentinel lieutenant
 *zealots meet player
 *zealots wipe out the "sons of saints"
 *zealots help form the "Ironstrike" confederacy
 *sentinels meet the commander 
*sentinels begin genetic experiments to make super-soldiers
 *betrayal of sheila 
*experiment subjects freed by the commander form the "survivors" 

 -Age of Rebirth-
 *starts with a 4 way war between the sentinels, corpus,survivors,and highway zealots
 *zealots attempt to use a thorium bomb disk incident leads Malachi to believe the machine god has been reborn
 *alliance between the playable factions 

-The minor schism- (formation of the true believers)
the sentinels are split on opinion of their new foreign relations policy, Brother Jeremiah leads a splinter faction of sentinels that prefer the hostile takeover of old over the peaceful conversion that sentinels now stand for.

 -Age of Unity- 
*confederacy stabilizes 
*The onyx wars, Malachi declares Onyx a dark prophet 
*zealots join the 3 playable factions to wipe out the last of onyx`s forces 
*war vs eastern horde
* Zombie outbreak with the start of the "Eastern Horde strain" of zombies (light zealot and eastern horde support )
*sentinel investigation team sent to find the source of corpus' breach goes missing.
-Age of Oppression-
*Red Lokusts attempt to genocide the sentinels while breaking up the alliance, many sentinels are slaughtered or hauled off to another threat
*True believers return to the sector using the recently captured and converted sentinels to reawaken onyx thinking she is the machine god.
True believers continue the torture and slaughter of sentinels,

*while the True Believers are being combated it is revealed ONYX is inside of RUBI, Malachi comes to the conclusion that RUBI must be the machine god based on her interest in protecting humanity, causing him to lead the sentinels against the other factions for the purpose of protecting their deity in operations solitude and shattered alliance.

*in the battle over rubi, zombies begin to return to the sector causing the factions to shift their focus to their old enemy where they eventually converge in Kane's tomb to find Sarkis, the shadow operative has been behind their recent misfortune.

-Age of Questions-

zombies are released into the sector once more, and alongside them are men of the shadows, are they the cause of the investigation team's disappearance a year ago?

War of shadows: sarkis is confirmed to be the figure behind many of the acts against the sentinels and their allied during the last age.

Smoke and Shadow: sentinels attempt to aid Shadow in her quest to take revenge on Sarkis, Sister Sheila falls into Shadow Alliance hands

Agents of Chaos: True Beleivers come to the Shadow Alliance's aid, Sarkis claims to be a follower of the true machine god and mocks Malachi for beleiving RUBI was the machine god in the age of Oppression, but he is slain by the sentinels after revealing that Sister Sheila has been converted to a True Beleiver

[sentinels are not involved with the hellhound arc really]

Ties that bind: Sheila recovers from her mind control as the Ryu Kai invade the sector, Laura and angel squad are tasked with guarding sheila as former True Beleiver conscripts are sent on a penatence crusade against the Ryu Kai.
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    Faction Traits

    [SF Traits]-
    faction with most SF infantry
    only faction with flat damage reduction

    [Factions Era Traits]-
    Devotion: Sentinels are immune to all status effects when only their units are deployed, 
    Loyalty: a 10% reduction in damage.
    faction with the most busted, burst damage and uniques,required most micromanagement.

    [War production]
    Barracks: 17-acolytes 20-Chaplin 23-sentry 24-seraph ..
    War Factory:  23-Purifier 24-Vindicator 25-seeker 27-caretaker .
    Airfeild: 32-Valiant 35-Envoy
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    SF Era, 
    The sentinels introduce fireteam warfare with the various operator types, while sf era units dont have impressive stats at first, planning out their tech can often result in their stats rivaling faction troops.Tech is HIGHLY important
    unlike other eras SF only upgrade as you use them though the VXP system.


    An early form of gunship developed by the sentinels capable of targeting a specific point on the ground, most often  used to target the outskirts of a base or points that the ground forces would draw the enemy into


    The phantom is a stealth bomber initially developed by the sentinels in the start of SF, upgraded by the red lokusts,then stolen by the eastern horde in the middle of SF then perfected by the sentinels in the end of the SF era. 

    To deploy a phantom you must select a start and end point for its bombing runs, once selected the phantom will use advanced stealth to get to the start point then uncloak for the duration of the bombing run, if it survives it will then re-cloak and wait until a second bombing run location has been determined.

    Operators- the first sf starting out as sentinel before becoming a neutral unit later on
    Lead/Operators[left]-the most basic of sf units later becoming the basis of zealot and verkraft infantry 
    Lead H/ Heavy operators[right]-a version of operator that can fire from longer distances
    Sheila.[center]-The hero version of an operator that increases DPS, Movement speed, and decreases damage taken for all nearby operators,

    Preservers--the second generation of sentinel sf that has remained loyal to the sentinels
    Warhorse-an SF tank capable of move and shoot,can move its cannon independently with Alt-click not as useful as SF infantry
    Lead/Preserver-SF troopers with a flat reduction in damage which made them incredibly durable
    Bro J- a heroic preserver that improves the damage reduction of nearby SF (later turned traitor in the minor schism)

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    Factions Era
    Global counters
    immunity to status effects starves kane of the plague that they rely upon
    Fire damage causes massive damage to most kane units increasing damage by 6x

    Gen 1-the first wave of the factions era, mostly containing generalistic units with 1 tech level.heroes get special bonuses in their heroic tech whilst combing the 2 techs of their standard counterparts and typically buff their counterparts
    Acolyte Artwork 
    Target   :  land/air
    Damage Type: Burst
     naturally immune to concussion.
    Combat role: Vanguard
    due to their ability to target aircraft being so rare among sentinel troops they are immensely valuable as vanguards for heroes and uniques that would be otherwise defenseless, best used in groups of 3-6


    Faction specific counters:
    Onyx & kane:due to the implants granted to acolytes by the sentinels they are naturally able to outrun and distract the melee forces of onyx and most of kane allowing your vehicles to re-position safely .

    Target   : Land
    Damage Type: Burst
    Combat role:  supporting battle tank
    role is mostly self explanatory as they have aging durability and damage.


    Buffs the movement of nearby Purifiers by 10% (useful for lower levels but not so much higher)

    one of the toughest tank hero in factions as her health is higher than most others aswell as having lots of resistances via tech:
    -50% from infantry and bunkers from bronze, -10% from all via diamond(reccomended relic), and an additional -20% from all from her gold

    extremely powerful cannon utilizing some of the highest damage in the game,this is taken to an extreme with her fire tech which makes most units non-resistant to her damage type aswell as allowing her to one shot most zombies.

    at level 10 ardre gain the ability to deal more damage as she takes more of it (up to 30%)
    Ardre also gain heroic adaptive armor at level 10 

    see here for detailed breakdown of ardre:

    Target   : land
    Damage Type: area
    Combat role:  Class l artillary.
    great for taking out buildings and vehicles from behind a tank.


    Shells add a fire pool to the ground,
    Buffs the reload of vindicators
    reloads faster at level 10
    Target   : air+(ground with tech)/High altitude 
    Damage Type: Burst
    Combat role: Anti hit and run
    best used with artillery drills to become an anti hit and run guardian as its lock-on allows it to fire despite hit and run units going outside of its natural range.


    Heroic Seeker
    looses "lock-on" in favor of move and shoot capabilities
    Role: main force/dedicated AA.
    due to the many and varied tasks nick is able to do with various tech combinations he is quite possibly one of the most universally applicable units the sentinels have capable of filling most jobs they would need, such as taking out turrets with up to 700  range,kiting enemy units into allied fire, and getting rid of enemy high altitude.

    Target   : Land/air
    Damage Type: Sustain+burst(ground only)
    Special abilities(s) :  
    tracking missiles
    Combat role:  Arial vanguard/anti infantry air
    Valients make for great guarding for other sentinel air from glowers units as its the most generalistic of the 3 however it isnt overly good when used on its own

    Faction specific counter: Zealot Killer: ignores armor on HZ and VK units.


    A Valient that now fires his rockets at aircraft and has better stats (yes....thats it.)

    Gen 2-the second and most shortlived wave of factions charactorized by specialists with a talent at level 10 and 3 levels of tech, heroes dont get special benefits in their tech or buff their counterparts
    Target   : land
    Damage Type:Fire
    Special abilities(s) 
    lvl 10+ explodes on death,
     Fire-increased damage to buildings and zombies
    Combat role: Martyr
    mostly breaking down walls for other sentinel troops to have an easier time getting past a fortified location

    *not recommended as more than a light support or as backup from "burn notice" as many sentinel units can utilize walls against opposing bases.

    UNLESS you have the "Burning offender" zombie tech in which case they can have 2 explosions on death and spawn a burning zombie which can rapidly spread to create more zombies if there is a building near, note that this zombie's health is based on the chaplain's health at the start of battle.

    Warning: when using this tech it is possible to overload the game if the number of burning offenders spawned as a result of your rampage exceeds 300, to better negate this it is recommended that you allow the zombies to fend for themselves rather than using your platoon to support them such that the opposing side can wear down their numbers and prevent a reset in the combat.


    spawns fire in a circle around him,
    explodes on death,
    Fire-increased damage to buildings

    At level 6 he can be deployed alongside other heroes and actually uses his second flamethrower, adding a second projectile to his attacks allowing him to negate adaptive armor.

    at level 10 his range is increased to 400 before tech. (achieving a maximum range of 430 range)

    Target   : Allies
    Damage Type: N/A
    Special abilities(s) :  
    lvl 10+ Crusade talent: enters an "armor up" state for 5 seconds after being damaged for the first time
     Absorption: redirects damage from nearby allies to itself 
    Combat role: Dedicated support,
     often paired with unique and hero units to protect the most valuable assets


    enters an "armor up" state for 5 seconds after being damaged for the first time
    Absorption: redirects damage from nearby allies to itself from all nearby allies (including high altitude units)
    *saves 10% hp lost if the allied target is within 50% of his aura range

    at level 10  the damage reduction is improved to 15%

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    Gen 3 characterized by a mix of units with a talent at both levels 10 and 20, heroes dont buff counterparts tech is a simple mix of standard tech

    Target   : Land
    Damage Type:  area
    Special abilities 
    *minimum range (must be over half range away to fire)
    lvl 10-attacks apply cyro 
    lvl 20-creates a cryo pool
    Combat role: 
    airborne Class ll artillary, elemental support.
    great for taking out most turrets from extreme distance, and uses its talents to slow down spiders charging at your gunline.

    Best utilized by targeting structures near turrets and allowing the splash damage to kill the turret while being at a safe distance
    *side note, it is also useful as a measuring tape for range due to the minimum range ring giving a good estimate.

     cryo pools from level 1
    Splitting missile that is harder to shoot down (useful against kane)
    at level 10 his minimum range is reduced to 150, 25% of his range rather than the standard 50%

    Level 1-9 

    Level 10

    Target:Allies/Air and Ground
    Damage type: Markerlight (increases damage for allied units against target unit)
    Special abilities: many generators to buff allied units
    Combat role: Dedicated support,
    best when customized to best fit the unit its used with
    can be used with shock ops to get an extreme long range shock attack.
    Level 10- increased speed from 3 to 4
    Level 20- Marking increase from 10% to 15% (speed increased from 4 to 5)


    bishops currently have 7 auras avalible to them.

    Basic-Fervor-Anti mine-Reflex-Lumos-Immolation-and Fatality
    standardized aura range: ~175 however there is an exception to this

    Basic.the basic aura decreases unit reload time by 30%

    Fervor. Fervor acts similarly but working instead for Charge based units and reducing charge by 50%

    Anti-mine. a self explanitory aura that reduces damage taken by mines by 45%

    Reflex. A simple aura that increases unit speed by 12%

    Fatality.- an aura that has 2 purposes, to increase damage to buildings and apply the Busted status which prevents the spawn of last stand defenders.

    An aura that works opposite how other bishop auras work applying a debuff rather than a buff when it's aura passes over enemy darkstorms. this decreases the Darkstorm's debuff form 75 to 45% max range removed.

    Lumos aura range ~300-500 (increases by level) [pic from mx36]

    Immolation.- immolation is another oddball aura turning the bishop into a semi-melee unit applying burn damage and the napalm effect to units inside it's aura, though it can also buff allied damage to zombies while units are inside the aura making it valuable in October

    comes with 3 auras that apply 2 of the standard bishop auras each.
    at level 10 his markerlight becomes a range of 650. 

    something interesting to note about bishops is that despite their markerlight not causing damage they can apply status effects which can allow them to use the large range to disable turrets with shock ops enabled.

    Target: land and air
    Sustain damage
    Role:Generalist infantry
    best used as a counterswarm against high numbers low strength opponents.
     1-9: gains .5% damage and damage resistance per sentry in battle
    10-1% damage increase per sentry in battle
    20-increased damage and fire rate when a nearby sentry dies. 


    Sentry Hero and captain of Angel Squad.
    her heroic boon comes in the form of a martyr effect where nearby sentries are empowered upon her death (presumably on top of their level 20 talent).

    though tech she can use a smoke grenade that reduces enemy range and increases damage those enemies receive, 

    like other sentries laura gains power the more sentries are in battle, having maximum effectiveness with her techs to improve the damage swing by 2% total rather than 1% for each sentry in battle, 

    due to the way her abilities work, laura is best used when facing down a large number of ground units alongside her swarm of sentries, most likely in a platoon battle or showdown style base.

    Damage type:Burst
    Role:main battle tank:in groups of 4 is capable of 1-2 shotting most hostiles.
    best used in conjunction with infantry.
    lvl 10: recieves 10% less damage form all sources
    lvl 20- adds +25 range.


      *tech improves specialization against air and airborne uniques.
    Role- AA Infantry:fires 3 rockets at oncoming air,  their ability to target air units makes them immensely valuable for the sentinels when used in conjunction with sentries.
    10-first shot charges faster.
    20-projectiles fire faster.


    Targets: Land
    fires a targetable projectile that splits apart before impact.
    minimum range (300 offensively)
    +200 range when a defender (giving it 800 range)
    +deals crush damage
    Role-Class 2 artillary
    10- -15% damage taken while stationary
    20 - reload time decreases as health decreases


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     Gen 4 (Current)-Gen 4 units have faction talents on top of two level based talents heroes in this generation [space for traits of generational heroes]

    Targets: Land and Air
    Role- Heavy infantry- Due to having the health of a tank devouts are vary good for protecting other units that sit behind them, especially good against other infantry with their grenade.
    Shadow hunter: deals more damage and takes less damage from shadow alliance troops.

    Faction gains [~2000] flat damage reduction and takes -75% damage from sustain damage.
    10- move 30% faster
    20 -  take 15% less damage

    cap=100 (30 in a platoon)
    Cost=27 million


    Targets:Land and Air
    Role-Blitzkrieg Infantry
    at max range [500] the Absolver deals 100% damage (standard damage)
    for each 100 range closer the Absolver is to it's target it deals 100% additional damage to that target, this means that when the absovler is in 100 range of the unit it's shooting at it is dealing 500% damage (5x more than standard)

    Faction- unit gains 10% more movement speed (4.4 without tech) and deals 25% more damage to infantry (making it's damage cap vs infantry 525% within 100 range)
    10-reload 25% faster
    20-gain one additional clip size meaning it fires twice

    cap=300 (10 in a platoon)
    level 1-80 million
    level 2+-53 million

    its role is easiest performed with it's blast armor and frontline training techs equipped as they best minimize damage while the absolver gets close to it's intended target.

    [hero here]

    Targets:Land (later air)
    role: hit and run unit.
    Abilities:  through the use of tech penance can gain the ability to apply corrosion and busted effects turning them from a pure hit and run to a vital support unit capable of increasing the abilities of other sentinels while providing opportunities for them to advance by sniping bunkers when the situation calls for it.

    10:increases clip size by 1 (to 2)
    20:gains the ability to target air units
    Faction:gains armored up for 10 seconds after taking damage
    Cap=150 (20 in a platoon)

    [Hero Here] estimated cost=60 mil

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    Sentinel Uniques

    The strongest part of the sentinels army, orange tinted unique are synonymous with dominance

    Land Uniques

    Target   : Land
    Damage Type: Large area
    Special abilities(s) :   can hit air with splash damage
    Combat role:  Superweapon/Class 1 artillary
     due to its large splash and high damage this unit is great for taking out large clusters of units and turrets

    Best when used at a minimum of the elite level due to it gaining its max natural range (550) in those levels 
     walls can be used to extend its natural range up to 650 due to splash damage,

    this range can be extended even further by its diamond tech giving it an additional 50 range bringing its total to 700 without walls and 800 with using walls for splash.

    this tech also increases the speed of it's projectiles, reducing travel time from ~4.75 seconds to ~2.3 seconds

    it can also buff reload speed by 30%, which increases to 40% when paired with corrosive shells at max level nearly halving reload time..

    Damage type: Burst/Area (with tech)
    Special abilitie(s) shots penetrate their target and move through the base
    Combat role:Sniper

    best when used with "explosive flechette" to target aggressive defenders as a range boost against target turrets

    "Adam"- Genesis man.
    Targets land and air

    has an aura with 500 range that deals % damage to enemy units 

    in standard it deals .7% damage per second
    in elite it deals 1.2% damage per second
    in omega it deals 1.7% damage per second

    Adam has an extremely high resistance to mines

    his main weapon takes a while to charge up, making it more effective for him to focus down one target at a time before moving to the next one, making him weak against swarms and corpus units.

    Adam does reduced damage to buildings so it is recommended that Adam travel with units more accustomed to destroying buildings like the juggernaut or shepherd. it is also recommended that bishops accompany Adam to help reduce his reloading issue, one of his techs improves his reload by up to 35% after 10 kills

    upon being hit by a status effect, Adam will enter a super-powered state where he takes reduced damage for a limited time, it is unclear if this stacks with his armored up tech however.

    Adam's final tech gives him a speed boost after being deployed, though unconventional it does allow him to retreat and redeploy to dodge fast projectiles in a base, if this doesnt interest you this tech also provides the busted effect meaning adam can be used to take out bunkers without spawning their contents

    Air Uniques

    Target   : Land/air (with tech)
    Damage Type: Large area
    Special abilities(s) :   High altitude-can only be hit by dedicated aa weapons
    Combat role:  Superweapon/main air/

    Highly effective against factions without dedicated aa units.

    Special abilities: Applies the "turncoat" status effect, makes enemy units switch sides but recieves a % of the damage done to it
    Combat role: support

    best used targeting specific units [preferably AA Targets] or large clusters of units  when turn-coating,
     or avoiding units entirely to devastate buildings which is usually more effective.

    Specific case uses

    Against the Onyx,Kane,and opposing Sentinels the shepherd is more effective as a bomber due to those factions being inheritly immune to turncoat, however that makes their AA more dangerous against it

    BOSS units are also immune to turncoat making the shepherd extremely effective as a Hero sniper.


    Unknown but likely to be a high altitude variant of a crusader.

    Defensive uniques

    Target: Land/Ground with the "A" command button
    Combat role: long range support

    Highly effective against slow moving tanks or when used in conjunction with movement barriers, however is weak to faster units and air

    its reliance on barriers is reduced with it's diamond tech which doubles it's projectile speed and increases its reload by 25%, which can stack with it's starting reload tech and a bishop to give it up to 85% faster reloads.

    other techs increase it's speed and range meaning it takes less time to reposition.

    [Image here]
    [placeholder txt]

    Combat role:Single target damage dealer

    Has high single target damage, but has relatively thin armor and is weak to adaptive armor, not reccomended unless supported by tanks.


    The Cardinal is currently the most powerful of the Sentinel defensive uniques, as it fires a large number of high powered tracking missiles that deal damage to both the parent unit and the drone unit it strikes which is drastically improved with it's clip size tech;

    Spawned units:


    Toxic offender

    A toxic offender is a kane unit that can be used by the sentinels when the "Toxic offender" tech is equipped by relavant infantry, the tech does nothing until that infantry dies. at which point the infantry turns into a kane unit that will soak up damage for the rest of the platoon

    *speed is 3-4
    *does not apply plague
    *faction buff is disabled while this zombie is alive

    Burning offender: not too special just a burning zombie spawned.

    Unobtainable units

    -drives a justice class juggernaut 
    -reinforced armor and double treads improving durability 
    -spawns around 20 custom preservers.

    unarmed unit to display sentinel non-combatants 

    Devout team: Fidelis:
    During the age of mystery a squad of devout were encircled by the shadow alliance under orders of the false oracle mutoto
    these devouts were noticeably shaken by their experiences opting to say nothing upon grouping up with shadow's forces
    these devouts also do not interfere in the loyalty bonuses of any non-sentinel commanders
    they have a buff over other devoted that is unknown.

    Auraless Adams

    most commonly seen in the parts base for adam, these adams do not produce an aura and instead rely entirely on their rifle to deal damage, note that their damage will still be reduced when hit by a status effect

    Harbinger bosses can fire without a minumum range.

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    charts and ops.


     red buff indicates iternal buff systems while orange indicates external,
    hold ground indicates armored up, green dot indicates viral damage.
    red fire is the fire damage type while orange fire is the status effect.

    Reload Type

    caretaker and bishop do not appear as they are entirely unaffected by reloading
    heroic units are left off because they fire identically to the main unit
    *note harbinger is unknown as of this update but assumed to charge*

    Spec ops
    time is based in hours 
    standard time/extended time

    Time: .5/1
    7 min cooldown
    (deploys 10 level 10 chaplins when you start an attack  with ground units

    Time: .5/1
    7 minute cooldown
     deploys a level 20 jugg when you start an attack with ground units

    As spawned units the Above ops units cannot be targeted by railguns making them some of the best supporting units in areas that sentinels typically struggle in.

    Time: 24/48 
    deploys 7 max level seekers when your base is under attack.

    Time: 12/24 
    Deploys 5 level 20 valients into the base when under attack

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    Sentinel Mobile Command:  Factions Era

    Sentinels Command Center [factions era]

    A turret that fires a piercing shot in a straight line. otherwise unremarkable

    Genetic experimentation lab-houses units that join the player on destruction. 

    production facility?


      Statue of Malachi

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    Busted>high numbers in bunkers
    Low numbers<high numbers
    large splash area>high numbers
    immunity to status effects> most status effects
    long repair<shortest repair
    seeker lock on> move and shoot


    Burst damage < 15% damage cap + burt resistance
    Low numbers generally< generally average numbers
    High splash zone> drone sheild
    high resistance < weapons that ignore armor
    Busted>strong bunker units
    long range with minimum range penalty< move and shoot + stealth
    long repair<medium repair
    seeker lock on> move and shoot

    Committing to heresy instead.

    Global facilities:
    low numbers-Sentinels are often high in capacity which leaves them vulnerable to weapons that can 1 shot units or deal a large amount of damage to multiple units

    low angled guns- most sentinels are unable to hit aircraft which makes them susceptible to being bullied by flying units



    Cerberus/Leonard-main tank- most sentinel units hit the drones and not other units, just watch for arcing weapons and high area weapons as the drones dont work as well against those

    Phalanx/Andrew/Hermes-hit and run- units primarrily good at running away after making other units mad, its usually effective until they get hit with a tank round or get locked onto

    Santiago-long range support- high damage but doesnt last overly long when challanged directly, best used as a supporting element

    Cyclopse/Polly-main force- deals generally high damage to sentinels and can stealth to run away after kiting one

    Air: generally air is safe to use against sentinels due to their lack of AA, just target seraphs and sentries first and the below are practically untouchable:

    Sphinx/Neil(sky tanks)
    Furies/Nyx (best used in hit and runs)
    Escort (threatened by sentries and seraphs but overpower other units)

    Darkstorm- -70% range to sentinels
    Nova-support dps- due to sentinels having a fairly high health stat the nova can take a while to charge but will be extremely effective with other units
    D-kracken-anti swarm- it shoots 16 things which makes it good against units that arrive in denominations of more than 5

    Spartans/Luke- swarm- can be good in numbers with stealth tech but dont do so well in small teams
    Hades/Artemis-swarm aa- can deal with small air but sentinels typically use big air so a lot are needed to overcome them
    Drakons-long range support- sentinel troops with low range generally mean drakons are put in unfavorably close positions
    Oren- his slow projectiles and weakness to sustain makes him especially weak to sentries and acolytes, reccomended to use oren at higher levels for his 600 range

    Blackout-needs protection because its fragile but its drones do good damage
    Slasher- due to the high natural speed or damage against swarm units slashers often dont do well against their intended targets for this faction.


    Manticore- too slow, any aa the sentinels do have will deal with manticores before they can arrive at their targets

    Appolo- see oren, but they also deal less damage and have less range



    Lancer-main force- its bonus damage against vehicles fairs well against the vehicle heavy sentinels

    Sharpshooter/malcolm-long range support- will outrange most sentinel units but may need a few shots to kill them fully
    will kill executioners in only a few shots even with 0% warlust

    Technical/kyle-kiting unit- due to sentinels having almost none move and shoot capabilities units that can often are able to eliminate sentinels easilly

    Gunship/dennis-harassment- capable of targeting important structures
    Roland-main tank- roland's tanking abilities are enough to even allow it to rival executioners


    Romero-main force- romero wins against pretty much any unit 

    chopper company- being an air gives it an advantage, with its drone sentinels have vary little to deal with a chopper company

    Seige squadron- used to drop below
    --->ravagers-swarm- best used to overwhelm sentinel burst defenses, recommended to target AA units first to ensure maximal swarmage.

    Ace-main force- due to a mix of high speed and high altitude ace pilots are vary rarely threatened by sentinel weapons.


    Libs-weaver- see below but for anti ground

    Bonesaw-rick-swarm- is easilly taken out by seninel aa thus must be in large swarms

    Excavator-auxillary tank-not as good as roland but is capable of performing its task

    War rig- is effective at high levels with his convoy, deflection tiles, and busted blade however otherwise he is not


    Breacher/Skipjack- to low range

    Detonatos- low range, health and damage

    War Dog/ Max- sentinels are immune to concussion

    Hammer- not tanky enough for their newer tanks

    Disruptor- fires too slow, sentinels immune to scrable/shock

    Buzzsaw- teeny damage

    screamer- their air already moves slow, no real objective for the screamer


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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    -------------------Sentinel Heraldry-------------

     some are more zealous than others, this section is dedicated to showing all the ways sentinels units can appear in their alternative forms when compared to their standard appearence.[note i dont have all his skins so promotional art is used in the place of missing skins]

    Acolytes can appear similar to kane stalkers

    Ardra can be painted into trophy colors.

    Senties can receive additional armor or a shadow alliance uniform

    Bishops can change their aura generator

    Ahnihalators can have camo applied to their hull

    Juggernaughts can have their hull painted black

    Judge can receive guilding

    shephards can turn into spacecraft 

    Overseers can have a dozer blade, zombies, and spiked wheeks added on.

    Devout can appear to be from either the highway zealots or shadow alliance

    Absolvers can utilize desert-esque camo or appear like a hellhound unit

    the 2 uniques made before the True Beleivers broke away from the sentinels used red to indicate their elite levels while the uniques made after have remained orange in all iterations. 

    Sentinels have the greatest range of ranges out of all factions.

    Dylan is the son of martin.

    Laura leads a team of sentries named angel squadron, sharing a name with dennis's gunship group.
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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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