Prize list Randomly scrolls to top

Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 2
Can you PLEASE for the love of everything thing in this game and fix the prize list from randomly jumping to top when just trying to view.You cant scroll or move or anything.. Good grief how long will it go lol 
  • Henrypika
    Joined Aug 2019 Posts: 8
    Can confirm. This is very annoying and makes lower tier rewards physically difficult to access.
  • wing-dang-doodle
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    its a pain when you pick a prize and it scrolls to the top. 40 times to claim a prize is a joke kix. please fix it.
    you keep whining like me but we are still here, i love broken pixels, how about you
  • TomBrooklyn
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    edited 3 Sep 2019, 10:02PM
    I don't get auto-scrolling; but I find it hard to move the slider bar smoothly and hold it steady.

    It would also be great if all the scroll bars in the game could be moved with a click instead of a click, hold, and drag, especially for laptop users using a touchpad. 

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