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New Player Alliance "CWND" OPEN 4 RECRUITMENT!!!

Omega Ubi
Omega Ubi
Joined Aug 2019 Posts: 4

New Alliance" CWND" is searching for new or experienced members to fill our ranks! Open concept Alliance, meaning we are looking for membership that wants to belong to something they are an integral part of, not just being another cog in another machine! We want to grow & have a great time blowing things up, earning new weapons & tech, & hopefully making new comrades along the way! Plz stop in & give us a try, we'd love your input & suggestions, & say hello in "Alliance Chat" the name is Commander Ubi & I'm hoping to see you all very soon!! " CWND " " JOIN NOW OR APPLY & LET UBI KNOW YOU READ THIS POST FOR 1 FREE MRE & THE NEW SKUTTLEBUTT OF THE DAY!!"

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