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Its been a month or so since i started to play War Commander and thats the only game im playing now and i love it. But theres a BIG problem which causes lower lvls and new players slow their improvements. and it is AS YOU SEE FROM THE TITLE ATTACKS FROM HIGHER LVLS. im really tired of repairing my base toon and losing infamy that ive collected so hard which cost me too much time and effort. What does higher lvls do to get infamy? easy, locate some low lvl bases with high infamy and keep hitting em. is that really logical to you guys? ive lost over 2k infamy this season just because of high lvls. they just drop their omegas and boom. my whole base is dead. there should be a lvl limit for that imo. like at least 5 lvl. or maybe more than that idk. just wanted to say that am upset with that. thanks for reading and dont mind my english skillls. am not a native speaker lol. TC
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    It used to be 4 up/down quite some time ago.. Kixeye changed it for whatever reason..
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