problems since new update 24/7

Nicolai Calarota
Nicolai Calarota
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hi since the last update i have a few heavy problems...
My fleets are in red. i cant start build any building, or upgrade...
and the mines are stranges...
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  • vaspalhares
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    Me too
    with overlay screen too
  • Nicolai Calarota
    Nicolai Calarota
    Joined Jul 2019 Posts: 3
    imposible to play!!!!!!
  • gvvalera4
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    Игра со stam не работает, до конца не загружается.
  • Carlos Lentini
    Carlos Lentini
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    En la última actualización en la PC tiene muchos bugs.
    No se ve lo que está en la fábrica y el taller, los asteroides que están activos se ven como agotados, los planetas en otro lugar en el que están realmente.
    En la pc no se puede jugar

  • Semberac
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    Pozdrav, ja vec danima ne mogu da se ulogujem ni sa jednog brouzera. Ima li neko resenje?
  • imposible to play, the game no load , 5 year, I play the game Vega Conflict. I speak French, no english
  • Junren-JS
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    @Playmaker1, @Cyrus Leung, @Todd7123 :  Can you find an answer for these folks?

    If I had to guess, though, it might be the ship hulls you've used were recently updated-- their mass might be over their re-adjusted total mass.  You may need to refit them.  They also may have been equipped with weapons/modules that were not intended for those particular hulls-- if this is the case, you will also need to refit them.  If these are the case, the game usually gives you a free refit for each ship, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to fix. 
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  • impossible to play, impossible d'ouvrir le jeu
  • Sgt Nikolov
    Sgt Nikolov
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    Base shields bug. After exophase or metaphase shield you can see that they are spotted between middle. On exophase is half red and half blue

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