2 liberators are all I have... screwed out of free faction units

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edited 17 Jul 2019, 8:28PM
Made this account over a year ago. Didn't get the option to update the base like everyone else. Sent a support ticket, was told they can't do anything because I don't qualify for support because I haven't spent $50. So 2 weeks later, I get all my buildings updated. But I didn't get the faction units already built like everyone else. Here's my message to support. How come you gave every other player in the game faction units already built, but just for me, I have to build them? Do you mind explaining to me how I'm supposed to do that with 2 freakin liberators? Do you expect me to put other players out to help me? No. I want my faction units I was supposed to get. And being so you wiped a past account that I had spent over $80 on, then you tell me you can't retrieve it, I think you need to answer this as support. Because I have bank card records of spending money on this game. 
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