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Minor Nuisance
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I know everyones busy with the raid,,Whats the next cycle for raids and FM please,so I can attempt to prepare

  • coolcat00
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    You should be preparing for T8.5 siege raid coming in September.
    For most up to date details go to the CM's Diary for August.
    On top of Tyrant cannon and Dragoon I would expect new sync drives and Limited armors for Dragoons (we might not get a new blueprint weapon)
    I would recommend stalking up on ballistic batteries and Annihilator cannons to put on Dragoons(don't know how useful Annihilator cannons will be)

    All Forsaken Mission Draconian targets might be replaced by Legion Targets soon
    We are missing T8 explosive sync drives and limited armors which should come out in a Forsaken mission soon.
    We might also get a T8.5 garrison Hull (hopefully using missiles or UAVs) in an upcoming raid (September through November)
    (I don't like Garrisson becoming a rocket only class)
    Also would like some new Countermeasures for T8/T9 so that the T7 countermeasures can be added to FM(doubt kix will do this soon)

    After siege T8.5 I would expect Assault T8.5 or T9 coming in December give or take a couple months. (I would hope for February but November is more likely)

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