Trouble launching/logging in

Joined Feb 2014 Posts: 18
Unable to launch Vega Conflict from the website. The unity app does not appear anywhere, the download does nothing.
  • Brandon Anderson92
    Brandon Anderson92
    Joined Jun 2017 Posts: 1

    I can't log in to my account from yesterday till now... I love your game kix eye I need to know how to retrieve my base I have worked so hard in the game and real life please help me I've tried everything from restarting my phone to Uninstaller n reinstallingredients I've tried other devices but my account just can't load up. Please kix eye or vega owners I don't want to start from scratch my 7yrs soon to be 8 can't go down in vain. Please help me

  • Massimo Pecorella
    Massimo Pecorella
    Joined Nov 2014 Posts: 2

    Same thing. Help us please!

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