Stupid Survey! Please work on these things!

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We have told you this information before and tell it again. The Events you can't keep up with the limited docks and ship designers. The stupid continue play button is a waste of cyberspace! I believe that creates the lag or one factor. Multiple accounts ie hackers have to be removed not protected. Equal playing field are dictated by the whales according to the mods. You click a research garrison to hit it and the screen pops up just enough to not see the level. Overlapping targets doesn't help. having enough targets is another issue for example 89 research garrisons seem to be popular. Login is way too long to get into the game with all the ships posting. Pillage this time round you can only hit with certain fleets so you can't get the bonus. The first Pillage you could use the higher fleet to make the set. The repair time for 3 hours on a upgraded Inferno Dragon fleet hitting 67's stopped me from even pursuing the Pillage this time. Raids always suck! Multiple problems all the time. Your fleets get smashed every time. You have about 23k players on right now those numbers have severely decreased and the cut you short as you play game doesn't work for many players. You many other games out there to play within reasonable terms. I am a US Navy veteran I enjoy the creativity of the builds but I don't enjoy the limitations. Subs and UAV's are worthless and you can no longer hit fleet to fleet not unless you have the right conqueror build. I heard someone cried about having too many fleets out to work the tower and some player sunk them all! How about bringing back the co-op on the towers so the bigger players can help the little players and you wouldn't have that problem?! The $50 ticket rule is the biggest mistake in  this game. If a person sees something wrong and they are new and can't report it normally they won't stick around and move on, Why would you spend money on a game that doesn't deliver or disappoints every time?! I buy a few fleets but then have to scrap them too soon too. Bases can never defend themselves with a defense fleet or turrets they lose every time. I don't know if I will stay or take a break or leave this game. Everyone likes a challenge but you can never ever break ahead so I could go back to playing World of Warcraft or something else I believe I get value out of. Maybe see you on the water maybe not. I don't post a lot because to me no one really cares anyway!
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    Kixeye isn't going to listen to any players! When will the closing on the sale of this company be final? Soon I hope!!
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    remember all games on the internet are familiar with each other and it is hard to keep up with the long builds and long researchs and upgrades
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    Could you divide your post into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read?
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