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Greetings, Captains. The 9.27 update is deploying Tuesday, July 2nd at ~4:00 PM PDT. This update includes the July Pillage and a fix for Battle Pirates HQ (Companion App). 

July Pillage

Begins: Wednesday, July 3rd @ 3:00 PM PDT
Ends: Sunday, July 7th @ 3:00 PM PDT

Pillage is a special activity that allows you to get caught up on existing tech and test your skills on Siege targets. A notable change moving forward is that Garrison targets are now being included to allow pirates to get more use out of their Praetorian, Inferno Dragon, and Icebreaker hulls. 

Full briefing will release on July 2nd.

  • [Companion App] Battle Pirates HQ is functional on Android again. iOS is in progress. 

  • [Campaign] Players who were previously unable to access Titan Awakening will now have access

  • [Fleets] Fixed bug where renaming a fleet caused it to be fully repaired.

  • [Base] Turret directional firing arcs will be able to provide remote target spotting.

  • [Rogue Crews] Fix for players to prevent ending up with invalid Rogue Crews

  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements. 

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