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Okay, so the main thing I would tell here is how to thrive into having the FMs in auto and paying high enough amount of point per autos.

First, I'll explain the types of targets. The game divided into two big type of battle, the PvE(ussualy called the chores) and PvP(The real essence that might had been lost in the past, maybe(?))
First, the one you'll encounter first, the PvE, short for Player versus Enemy, is the condition where you're fighting of an enemy controlled by AI, or bots, whichever you pick of the name. The PvE in BP, is divided into several classes.:

1. Siege Target
The siege target is simulation of us fighting enemy bases. The base had a handful amount of turret, some of them is grouped, while some sometimes a bit a standalone. Non combatant buildings at the base sometimes provide some kind of tactical advantage for the bases, and in some cases are advised to be destroyed first to make killing the turret easier. Note: there's no ship guarding the base usually. The siege target turret based on two types of damage, ballistic, which is mostly for long range, long reload guns with either quite crappy accuracy, or short range high damage fast reloading guns that would take the major bite of your health if you stray too close(other may varies like chaingun, where they make a burst salvo of damage but with a long reload, or whatsoever other things). The second type of damage is radioactive, mostly done by launcher, giving a firefield around, or from projectile type that might gives both ballistic and radioactive damage.

The siege, in turn vulnreable to both ballistic and radioactive damage. The tactic in fighting siege target is knowing the safe range when killing off the turret, remeber sometimes there's the short range turret that could rip your fleet pretty fast if you're uncautious. Considered options: ballistic, survival and turret survival, upgrades into either ballistic damage, range, accuracy and reload speed, or stack supercharge amount, damage, accuracy and reload speed for radioactive. Other things including fleet speed and both building and wall damage.

Where and when? The siege target shows up in raid, and in silo target to acquire base parts.

Current Silo Target: Reaver Scrap Heaps
enemy base overview: A couple amount of building, with several building that is located near the turret has several debuffing aura. Turret consist of directional heavy launcher turret(mostly giving radioactive damage) , long range rail gun(doing both ballistic and radioactive damage), short range(less than 90) fast firing howitzer gun(Ballistic damage, extremely painful. DON'T STRAY TOO CLOSE), and chain gun/thrower with mediocre range that is around 95+ in range doing both ballistic and radioactive damage.
Advantage to be taken: Avoid the firing direction of the heavy turret. It does no harm if you take it out from other side of the direction it's facing, however it'll sure to be hurt if you ever get inside one. Use the mountain cover to the best, as it's protecting you from the long range railgun. Launcher weapon is more recommended to go against the railgun turret as it could fire past the mountain. When facing the chain gun/thrower, use only one ship as the bait and finish the turret with other ship, since it does splash damage and by doing so reducing a whole lot of damage.

2. Assault Target
Assault target is simulation of a combined base-fleet attack, with the dominancy in fleet to fleet combat. The base had only small amount of building and turret, thought sometimes they could be the one that giving massive damage, or to give tactical advantage and minimize the mobility of your fleet. Most would advice you to kite the enemy ships into outside the base turret range to give you better option in killing enemy ships. Assault target is based upon two damage: Penetrative and corrosive. Penetrative damage done mostly by both ships and turret missile. Corrosive damage done mostly by the scattergun both at ships and turret. Note: Mostly missile turret is less hurting than the scattergun, however scattergun would punish you if you stray too close.

The assault, in turn also vulnreable to their own type of damage: penetrative and corrosive. Tactics usually involved in killing the ships first before moving into the turret, while in the same time avoid alerting too many of the guarding ships or risked being surrounded by too many enemy, resulting in major health rip. Note: this usually required lots of driving to get the best result, unless your fleet is overwhelmingly strong against the enemy. Considered options: penetrative, corrosive and a bit of turret survival, upgrades in either penetrative range, projectile speed, accuracy, damage, and reload speed, or multi-shot amount, damage. range, reload speed for the corrosive. Fleet speed is one of the important factor.

Where and when? The assault target shows up in raid, and in silo target to acquire titanium.

3. Skirmish Target
Skirmish target is simulation in fleet s fleet attack. The enemy usually had no building at all. If they had some, usually it does nothing and killed easily. enemy ships mostly consisted of either submarine, or anti-submarine surface ships, so most of skirmish fleet would have built-in sonar and thermal imaging. The submarine sometimes could give a problem if they're a deep submerged ones, meaning they won't surface until they're forced by hostile tactical aura, or from depth charge rockets from base. Assault target is based upon two type of damage: concussive and explosive. Concussive in the form of either depth charges and torpedoes, while explosive is from rocket, and sometimes mortars too. The mortars is there to makes you keep driving at the range, while the depth charge and torps in mid range, while rocket usually for the close range.

Skirmish in turns vulnreable to both concussive and explosive damage. The tactic usually nearly the same with assault target. The only differences is that on skirmish, the enemy is in group and the alert mechanism only happened at each individual group. Don't forget to not sitting at the same place for too long or the mortars would kills you for sure. Driving required to get better result. Considered options: concussive and explosive survival, upgrades in either concussive range, damage, reload speed and splash, or range, damage, reload speed and splash at explosive weaponry. Fleet speed is a good factor.

Where and when? The skirmish target shows up in raid, and in silo target to acquire uranium.

4. Garrison Target
Garrison is simulation in attacking a heavily fortified base. The base had loads amount of turrets grouped within sometimes wall border, called islands. An 'island' usually around 8-10 turrets. Several of the base had guarding ships, sometimes giving a distraction from attacking the base itself. In some cases, there would be a secondary wave of invading fleet(currently done by either the legion's rhino, apollo or citadel) which would attack both you and the base itself(with little to no damage, or only when all buildings had been destroyed, like at lv61 FM target). Garrison target is based upon two type of damage: penetrative and explosive. The penetrative damage done by the missile turret, also the arc missile, the one shooting big missile and then pops out into 6 smaller missile, ships missile and the draconian garrisoned carrier(the UAV). The explosive damage done by the mortar turret, and the short range rocket turret. Note that for non-rocket based fleet, the rocket turret would take a major bite if you get into their range, and theirlong salvo would make sure it really hurts.

Garrison target, is vulnreable to only single type of damage: explosive. Do it either by mortars or rocket, and always remeber that SPLASH IS THE BEST WEAPON TO GET EVERYTHING LEVELED TO RUINS IN GARRISON. Tactics involved in long range mortar shelling, or rapid strike using rocket fleet. Both had their own advantage and disadvantages. Considered options: loads of CM for the tank ship with single weapon having 97 or plus of range to avoid rocket turret range when using mortar fleet. Considerable amount of CM for rocket fleet. Penetrative, explosive and turret survival. For the weapons, reload speed, damage, SPLASH!!!!!, and spread for explosive. Projectile speed works mainly only for the mortars. CMs specials is a must have at tanks and a consideration in rocket fleet to make sure it doesn't ends up crappy.

Where and when? Garrison target is the one as the target for FMs, so you would find it all the time, except when raid.

How to get your hands in BP?

Let's assume you're a freshman, and only got the battle barge A. Your first target in FM? Get to fight the lv40 to get the needed point to get punisher.  The lv. 40 consist of two island,along with two guarding ships: a legion rhino and citadel. The left island consist of two missile turret(giving penetrating damage) in open, while the right island consist of two turret, a mortar and a rocket turret(both giving explosive damage) It might be hard in the first place, but I would suggest going for all mortar based fleet, as it gives you range advantage, along with splash damage. Pinching the turret is alos a good advice, as it could give you a breathing time before it kills you, however you need to time it perfectly so that it stuns the mortar turret before it starts firing(Battle barge A is pretty slow so you can't really outrun the mortar, unless you had the hailstorm in the first place, might leave some of the burden). Two longboat with peacemaker mortar is a good choice to kill the guard ship, as it's insta repair in the map, as long as you doesn't put any armor in it, just remember that it needs several time before the ships finally killed by that way. For the left island, any kind of weapon is a good to go, as lv 40 doesn't really count for what damage type you dealt is still hurting the turret.

As soon as you get punisher blueprint, build it first, along with the plenty build token and vxp token. Get the punisher with penetratie and explosive survival, but ballistic weaponry, as punisher in real is a siege class, so it's best to handle ballistic weaponry(plus, the low garrison level still doesn't really punish the difference of damage type into account, not really much of difference there). Use that later to autoing the 40 target. This way, you're on your way to claim the next target in hand: Citadel. Citadel is a mortar platform, having the remote targeting for mortar, making you able to do a stand-off, with a single tanker, which in turn is your second punisher. This second punisher, would be fitted all with countermeasures, except a single slot, which I recommend blade missile+solid fuel booster 3) to give 97 range needed for the remote targeting to work. Get your mortar fleet working with one punisher at flagship serving as tank, while 4 other is citadel serving as mortar platform. This way, you could do the lv61 in autos, or the 68 and 82 with control.

Now you're having a working mortar fleet. Next aim: Getting zelos, for a better tank, or skipping into monolith(dubbed monos) and Icebreaker(dubbed IBs).

Here, there's two different thing. Monos is the upgrade over citadel. It has better stats than citadel, and the needed speeds to do the lv89. However, to use the monos, you'll either need to use zelos as the tank, or gridiron monos, the intended flagship, to keep the same speed together. As the ordinary mortar fleet tactic, monos fleet needed a lot of driving while in the same time manage the most effective stand-off bombardment. In other words, monos is a glass canon, a damage powerhouse yet vulnreable. The tank, is the one that keeping the monos alive by being the target for all defenses and using its load of countermeasures to take down all incoming missiles, mortars or UAV(thought I'm not really sure). Note: The draconian carrier at lv111s reload speed is very fast, that in several secs it'll overwhelm even like four or five phalanx iv with front line counter measure specials.

IBs, in the other hand, is the first high tiered rocket-based hulls. It's built to take much more pounding and returning the damage back in higher magnitude, while having several added protection with some extra countermeasure being put in(ussualy around two or three slots. Ask outside for the best build). In other words, it's excel in both offense and defense, in a trade to range, which is why IB would still got hit by the rocket turret even at maximum range. Tactic in using IBs fleet is one and simple: Strafing. Take your range into the nearest turret and let your weapon splash kill the whole island. Do that while keeping the fleet moving, as the rocket turret is firing in salvo and by constantly moving forward, you'll be leaving most of its explosive projectile behind and out of the splash range.

Now, after you had a fully working tier 6 garrison fleet(either monos or IBs, thought I would recommend IB, as they could be left on auto), now your in for the final goal for continuous point in FM: Getting yourself at the tier 7 garrison fleet, the Inferno Dragons. They're sure to be harder to grind out, with in total 5.5 mil point to grab to get all the needed tech outside for the tech that you had in IB. However, they'll be very rewarding, as a single non ranked Inferno Dragons could autoing 89s with free map repair, or you could hit higher target with a full fleet. With this, now you had a good backbone to have a fully working garrison fleet, and could now start scraping the citadels :smile:

With a strong support in FMs, you could start grinding other target techs, filling up so you could get into full cycle both in FM and raid, also for silo target. That's all for now, and I would make detailment soon for several things as the FM guide is still the basic version.

Note: All target and guide might subject to change, as you might know, kix isn't the one who like to keep everything the same.

Edit 1: Adding the description of siege silo target
In the end, it just down into maths, pure maths. We just don't really know how their math works.
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