looking for a stable alliance

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hello all im looking for a stable alliance that helps been deployed for 2months so missed alittle bit and behind
i got some of the newer hulls dont have problems on getting allied points no problems on getting base parts Ect.
just going to have a problem with this come raid cycle .so if your stable and active allied i would like hear from you thanks 
  • DJJeckel65
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    Going threw that myself. I have a group. there is two of us. lol. But we do try to help. I do have builds for raid, but I get them build late. on on you tube DJJECKEL65 I have helpful stuff there. we do have a Facebook page where we would put build for base hitting and base defense. we are good at getting ally points. even share tips on how to get those. we are trying to ovoid some of the ally drama. but if you want to try us maybe we could go into a better ally. 
    If you looking for info that the big coiners don't want to share, check out DJJeckel65 on you tube.  I do try to help as much as I can. Been playing since Beta . 
  • Yamato
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    We are looking for new active members, Look up Legion of Oz (LOZ) alliance, leader YAMATO.  Helpful and friendly.  All we do ask is for ally points, no cheating/hacking...but most importantly HAVE FUN.
  • Arthur_S040
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    NCN2 is always accepting active members we have a few that are inactive and a few that we are getting rid of so we have plenty of room.... We understand military deployment so you won't get booted when deployed. The leader is Greywolf (myself) we ask that ally points be done and that everyone helps each other. We have a lot of fun when we get a good group on during a raid and we have friends in other alliances that help during raids.

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