Understanding Battle Reports and Fine Tuning Ships to Specific Targets

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The new Battle Reports are the most important non-battle feature added to Battle Pirates since Design Mode in the Shipyard. Previously you just had to guess or do VERY exhaustive testing to determine what damage types you were being hit by and how well you could stand up against them. Understanding this very powerful new tool, and how to capitalize on the information isn't readily apparent to many players.

So what is the Battle Report actually telling you? First off, almost all targets are based on a dual-type damage system. The most important consideration when fine-tuning a fleet to hit a specific target is the ratio of the prevailing damage type to the lesser one. In the Fog of War raid this is VERY important because almost all the damage that actually makes it to your ship is going to be Penetrative, with Corrosive being much less. Most ship builds are fairly balanced between the two damage types for the ship class, but can take MUCH less damage when adjusted to fit the specific targets they are hitting.

Since Forsaken Mission is actually going to remain Garrison type, I'll use that as an example. The Battle Report here is from an Icebreaker fleet hitting a lvl 111 FM target.

The Battle Report breaks down all damage by what % of the total damage presented to your ships you are viewing at the time. In other words, that small sliver of red for Penetrating damage Taken is what percentage of the TOTAL damage presented to your ships you took as Penetrating damage. Here it is 2%, so if the target launched 1,000,000 damage at your fleet, you took 20,000 Penetrating damage. The report is also saying that 22% of the damage presented to the fleet was Penetrating. How about the Explosive damage? Well, if 22% of the total damage presented was Penetrating, that means the other 78% was Explosive damage. The report is also saying that you took 16% of the total damage presented as Explosive or, 160,000. This is 8x the damage you took from Penetrating, and you took about 1/5th of it, a lot larger portion of the damage than you took from Penetrating. The Icebreakers in this fleet have balanced Explosive and Penetrating Survival around 105%, but the data from the Battle Report suggests that we need to focus MUCH more on mitigating Explosive damage if we want to significantly drop our repair time vs. this target. The numbers suggest a ratio of Explosive Survival to Penetrating Survival of about 4:1 would be ideal.

How do you go about doing this? Well, it's up to you. The easiest way is to swap out armor plate types. These Kixeye Icebreakers had 2 pieces of Explosive charged armor and 2 Pieces of Penetrating. You can drop the Penetrating armor and substitute Explosive armor instead. It doesn't have to be Charged, and remember that you NEVER LOSE BLUEPRINTS, even Limited. If you swap out a Limited print or scrap a ship, the Limited prints return to your stock. Some players did this deliberately when offered the Icebreaker fleet for $3. They spent the three bucks, then scrapped all the ships and got 20 pieces of Charged armor for the same price of 30 coins, better than any sale price ever on Charged armor. Too bad Charged armor is now a shadow of what it used to be. Note that when you do swap out the lesser damage type for the greater, you WILL take a small amount more damage from the lesser type, but there will be a much larger drop from the more prominent damage type resulting in a substantial savings in overall repair time.

Another option is Resistor Engines. Changing out the Speed System for Explosive Resistors engine would also help. Also, don't forget the larger countermeasures also include Survival. A Hailstorm IV will not only shoot down mortars and UAV (a problem in the 111 FM), but also provide a boost to Explosive Survival. Some weapon types also offer resistance bonuses.
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