Weekly Events And Offered Items

Marius Kain
Marius Kain
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Every Week we have some sort of event. So that means plenty of opportunity to offer Items that some of the Newer players, AND some of the older players who have missed out on it for what ever Reason. There is one item in particular that has alluded me.  Nightwatch countermeasure. Yes, not that big of a deal, but it is something I have been wanting/needing in my game. Would it be possible to offer this item please. Ive seen every other item of this type, Cathodic and such, but have not seen nightwatch in some time.

Thanks for your consideration.

We have WAR, We have Aggression, Let us do it with Pride and Honor Without disgracing our parents by showing how badly they raised their kids. That's all it is, Poor Parenting and lousy attitude.
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