KIXEYE Acquisition (Official Statement)

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Effective June 3rd, KIXEYE Inc. has entered into an agreement to be acquired by the Stillfront Group in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stillfront is well-known for investments in game portfolios with long lifecycles and loyal users, qualities that have defined KIXEYE’s games throughout its decade-long history. Moreover, this partnership ensures that KIXEYE’s existing portfolio of War Commander, Battle Pirates, VEGA Conflict, and War Commander: Rogue Assault have the resources, experience, and support needed to continue well into the future.

A note from new KIXEYE President Clayton Stark:

Our game teams are undergoing no significant operational changes, nor do we anticipate any disruptions to the standard live operations of the game. Stillfront and KIXEYE’s partnership is based on the understanding that these games will be continuing long into the future, with our browser games fully migrating to HTML5.

Above all, we’d like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our amazing player communities who have helped make these games a success. We look forward to this newest chapter as part of the Stillfront family!

KIXEYE Director of Marketing
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