Will KIXEYE learn from mistakes in past ?

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Why need to repeat what you did to revert many times earlier. This event is so hard for a routine player I agree that many with skills/coin still can do enough but event should b enjoyment for a normal player too. In this month especially when they already played/sucked during invision, houldout, shadow ops, warpath there should be some relief this time in this event. Why don't you have a board who can calculate strength of an average player.
Please don't make this game even a little less interesting as number of playing members since long long time has decreased drastically
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    The difficulty doesnt bother me as much as them letting us have the units we worked for to work as intended and not how they see fit.if these units worked how they were supposed to i would get at least half of the damage i get when using these bugged units.Ive been using the affected units less and less because of this.So essentially they are tying one hand behind my back.
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    ... there is hops and malt lost ...

    Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are not safe

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    No they haven't all they are trying to do is suck as much gold out of you as they can
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