2 new units in event?? Token price

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Hi Kixeye these events are getting harder and harder, I don't know how low lvl accounts are suppose to survive. 

How about 2x new units but PLEASE reduce the cost of tokens. TOKEN XP of 400 000 is just to much. Most rather wait for Token bases after event & build up the huge 55 tokens needed then.

2019 & still playing 
  • Charles6744
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      I am also surprised Kixeye has released 2 new units this Event.  I don't see the average player getting over 44 Million XP to get each unit to lvl 20.  Normally I would get the new unit to lvl 14 or15 and wait for Holdout to get the rest of the required Tokens.  Now that I have to buy the 2nd unit I will just wait for Holdout to get 55 Tokens for both units.  It seems Kixeye is sticking it to us this Event so they can raise money to fund their next Failure Kingdom Maker.
  • codyp517
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    Ahhh don't forget 376,000 for each new anti air unit.  What a freaking joke.
  • insideoutside
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    Just when we thought the greediness did have a limit ,they prove us wrong again.Keep on chasing everyone away they seem to have that down dont they.
  • Hawster
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    I feel same way guys. I have the tex already to make both units lvl 20, but this is pure BS. 1 unit is enough per event. 2 units is making game like a job. i have a family to spend time with i can't be on here for 12 hrs per day just to get these units let alone the tokens... Greed is real with Kixeye. But i am hearing rumors they are about to take game down to 50 sectors... seems they are driving folks away with shat like this
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