[RELEASE NOTES] 9.20 Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Wednesday, May 15th update.

[Operation: Deliverance] Jeremiah and his True Believers continue to endanger the Sector. With their indoctrination process being advanced through unknown tech, they seem to have unending reinforcements and are threatening to overrun us! Commander it is time to take a stand, play Operation Deliverance and push the True Believers out of the sector. This event features 2 new units and the brand new Single-use Seeker hero Nick!

Start: May 16th, 10:00am PDT

End: May 21st, 10:00am PDT

* Monthly Events will now be 6 days moving forward.

[BT Exchange] - Please note that the Legendary units in the Blood Thorium Exchange are units and not training tokens. All training token graphics will look like tokens, and all units will just show the image of the unit. There are currently no training tokens for the Legendary Raptor Units offered in the Exchange.

  • Screamer: Deploying and retreating the Screamer will cause effects to remain if player doesn’t reload the base - Fixed!

  • Resource base VII is not paying out Metal or Oil - Fixed!

  • Stealth Generator applies stealth in RF base battles where the CC starts destroyed. - Fixed!

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