9.20 Update Notes

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Greetings, Captains. The 9.20 update is deploying Tuesday, May 14th at ~4:00 PM PDT. This update includes support for the May Forsaken Missions, May VXP Weekend, and enabling auto-repair for Shipyard/Conquest Yard when it has been destroyed.


Cycle 1

Begins: Wednesday, May 15th @ 3:00PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday, May 22nd @ 12:00PM PDT

Cycle 2

Begins: Wednesday, May 22nd @ 3:00PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday, May 29th @ 12:00PM PDT

Cycle 3
Begins: Wednesday, May 29th @ 3:00PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday, June 5th @ 12:00PM PDT

Cycle 4
Begins: Wednesday, June 5th @ 3:00PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday, June 11th @ 12:00PM PDT

New prizes in the Forsaken Mission include limited Zynthonite Armors and T8 Assault Flagship weapons. A full briefing will be released Tuesday, May 14th by end of day.


Begins: Friday, May 17th @ 9:00AM PDT
Ends: Monday, May 20th @ 9:00AM PDT

Robot Raiders will spawn through the duration of the weekend, and level 98 targets will spawn for the first 36 hours only. Time to rank up your ships, Pirates!

  • [Base] Shipyard and Conquest Yard will now begin to auto-repair once they are destroyed, even if you are offline.

  • [Combat] For Frenzy Auras, Berserk effect will now only visually show when frenzied

  • [Hulls] Praetorian aura stacks increased to 5.

  • [Known Issue] Nemesis X slow aura is not stacking correctly. Targets are already tuned to account for this bug being in effect (so the outcome is the same as if the targets were tuned up fully and the slow aura was working). Design is taking a bit more exploratory time to assess the farther-reaching impact of fixing this bug before they put it into place, which means targets will also stay tuned down for the time being.

  • [Base] Conquest Yard/Shipyard timers visually resetting to full after attack. This was a visual issue only.

  • [Other] General bug fixes and performance improvements

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