What units to get in gear store

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I am a new player and I would like to get some new units from the gear store. What units should I get? Other than phalanx. I already have 20 of those

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    expert cyclones and expert deena
    say what again !
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    Expert cyclone are in gear store?

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    envoys are pretty useful if you can afford a few of them

    vindicators and furies arnt too great but they can bee pretty useful while your starting out until you can do the bases of some batter units
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    get the best thing your storage (oil,metal,thor) will allow you to build.  this should narrow the decision since most things, you will not be able to build yet. 
     (ex. 12mil thor to build... you can hold 10 mil thor.  -  NO BUILD

    good luck and have fun :'(
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    first thing to get is an envoy.try to get envoys and you can use them with the technical opp. i already got envoys and a hvy plat with uniques so i dont think u need other unit in the gear store right now. as for heros: martin and sunder are what i use. you can make it with those and opps to build your heavy. try to get a cerberus. can be done with technical opp and envoys. My youtube channel is D Lall Man. i do videos on war c. when the cerberus base comes back i will do a vid. have fun
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