BOUNTY: Secure More For Weak Pirates Grinding It Out

Unicorn Overlord
Joined Oct 2012 Posts: 2,731
For Pirates like me grinding out Replicas for an average of about 250 points/base with my best Conqueror fleet consisting of two Breachers; secure about 2/3 instead of 1/2.     

Alternately, lower the Secure Point of 5000 for players that cannot possibly collect 5000 between attacks on their base.   Perhaps this would be based on the best fleet(s) the Pirate has, which is a good indicator of what he can achieve. 

After grinding out Replica bases for hours, I lost 1600 Bounty points in one attack, way more than the 100- 600 I was losing before, and even more than the 900+ I was losing when I starting hitting the Replicas more regularly.   Players in this situation are likely to get discouraged under the current  circumstances

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