Why no weapons in a base????

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This Video, has us wondering why someone would go to all the trouble of making a base , and putting turrets on the base, but not putting weapons on the turrets, leaving the base totally defenseless against an attack as seen in the video.    Why ???  Granted it's a mediocre base , but why leave it totally undefended ???
 PLEASE leave comments as to why you think this is, or if your base is undefended also, please let us know the reasoning behind this !

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  • David Gilmore CN
    David Gilmore CN
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    because people get tired of the repair times and defense is close to useless anymore, We get good weapons to defend then as usual Glitcheye comes out with new hull weapon and or specials that null them just take a look at the next Bounty and the invasion special meant to nurf the tempest and guards or else it would apply to guard ships also but noooo kix gotta suck up to the whales so they can fk em out of money cause they really are that ignorant and chest beaters.
  • Louis Kakascik
    Louis Kakascik
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    I guess you didnt think he may have got caught hacking and had them taken, or maybe he gave up or even just doesnt give a **** anymore. I could see why people would not give a ****. The game is just a **** show anymore
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