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Greetings Captains,

A Bounty has once again been placed on your head! Before plundering for precious booty, it’s important to know what the Bounty event is and how to play it.


Bounty is the premier PvP event in Battle Pirates, which occurs once every month. Smash other players to steal their Bounty while protecting yours at all costs! Spend your Bounty in the Bounty Store on powerful prizes 24 hours after the event has begun.

BEWARE! Only 50% of your Bounty is secured, so the other 50% can be stolen by other players. Up to HALF of your Unsecured Bounty can be stolen at a time, so it’s important to protect your Base as best as you can.


There are multiple ways to earn Bounty during an event! Master your PvP skills to maximize your Bounty earnings.

  1. Opting-in

  • Earn 3,000 Bounty simply by opting-in to a Bounty Event

  • Bounty Level Up

    • Increase your Bounty Level to generate Bounty every 6 hours

    • Level 1: 800 Bounty Level 2: 900 Bounty
    • Level 3: 1000 Bounty
    • Level 4: 1200 Bounty
    • You can increase your Bounty Level in the Bounty Hunt menu by spending Resources, as depicted in the screenshots above

  • Winning PvP Attacks

    • Attack other player bases and steal 50% of their Unsecured Bounty with a 2-Star Victory or better

    • In addition to the 50% Unsecured Bounty amount, you will also win a bonus based on the level of the PVP target

    1. Levels 60-79: +75 Additional Bounty

    2. Levels 80-99: +350 Additional Bounty

    3. Levels 100+: +1,000 Additional Bounty

  • Replica Bases

    • In addition to enemy player bases, there are also three Replica Bases that are designed to look like select PVP bases. Attack them to win Bounty!

    1. Your Opponent Level 60-79: 60-100 Bounty

    2. Your Opponent Level 80-99: 230-360 Bounty

    3. Your Opponent Level 100+: 500-1000 Bounty

  • Bounty Blitz

    • Claim victory over the Bounty Blitz 129 and earn 1250 Bounty, plus additional 1250 payouts from Blitzing it using Gold

  • Base Defense

    • Win up to 200 Bounty for each successful Base Defense

    • Successful Base Defense: The attacker must earn less than 2 Stars and deal between 10-25% damage to the defender’s base before retreating or being defeated

  • King of the Nexus

    • Alliances hived at a Nexus with Mega Hulls will generate periodic allocations of Bounty for all of their Alliance members (they must be opted-in to receive the allocation)

    • You and your alliance can find a Nexus by clicking on the in-game indicator in the King of the Nexus menu. Nexuses will generate periodic Bounty for all of your Alliance members and grant out a bonus if your Alliance is controlling it when it expires.

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      Q: I successfully defended my base but did not receive any Bounty, what gives?

      A: You must be logged in to receive your Base Defense Bounty reward.

      Q: Why didn’t I receive my Bounty grant after 6 hours?

      A: You must also be logged in to receive your 6 hour Bounty grant. Please note that if you miss one Bounty grant you can log in and retroactively claim it. However, you miss two or more Bounty grants, you can only retroactively claim one, and the other ones that you missed will be lost.

      Q: What is the difference between Secured and Unsecured Bounty?

      A: Secured Bounty is the amount of Bounty that is protected and can’t be stolen by other players in a given attack. Unsecured Bounty is the amount that is available for enemy players to steal. Remember that a player can steal 50% of your Unsecured Bounty after a 2-Star Attack or better. Bolster your Base defenses to repel incoming attacks and protect that Bounty!

      Q: What determines if an attack is considered to be 2 or 3 Stars?

      A: A 2-Star attack consists of an attacker dealing 50% damage to your base AND destroying your Outpost. A 3-Star is rewarded when an attacker destroys 100% of your base. It is worth noting that if your base is already damaged at the start of an attack, and the attacker destroys what is left of it, the attack will be considered a 3-Star victory.

      Q: If a player successfully defends against my attack, do they steal my Bounty?

      A: No, the Bounty won from successfully defending against an attack is not stolen from the attacker. Remember that you can win 200 Bounty per base defense five times a day, which resets on a daily basis. A successful base defense must meet two criteria: The attacker must earn less than 2 Stars and deal between 10-25% base damage.

      Q: I opted-in late and didn’t receive any Bounty from my Alliance’s Nexus node, what can I do?

      A: You will be able to retroactively claim the Bounty you missed up to a certain amount. Once that amount is reached, further missing Bounty from your Alliance Node will be lost.

      Q: I’m going to miss the beginning of Bounty, when does the opt-in time expire?

      A: You will not be able to join Bounty if there are less than 48 hours remaining in the season.

      Q: Can I opt out of Bounty once I join?

      A: No, once you opt-in to Bounty, you will not be able to opt out.

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