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Why do toons charge on their own from where they are left to their death when they catch a stray round that is usually doing little or no damage?  That is not how war or battles work...been there done that.... shouldnt what equates to the defense mode be other words if i dont tell my toon to move and RUBI or Fire at will are not on then your toons should stay where they are parked only engaging what is in their range to kill....problem with being DC'd and trying to fight with multiple fast toons at once is by the time you get back on or see one running amuck it is too late they are often dead or severely damaged, as speed normally equates to lower defense and often they are drawn into shorter harder hitting defenses by a longer range weaker toon.    
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    It used to be this way for a long time, but what would happen is that you would situations where your units would just sit there and die without responding, this was changed on request of the community.

    There are pros and cons to both options. 
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