Is there something in event controlling my too maintrack base 11

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All my unit just take off on there own cleared cache rubi is off what the hell.
  • CaptaiNHowdY55
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    Working as intended. This is intentional. It's a goldmine for Kixeye. It's not just in 11 either

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    do they get a white circle with a red cross or something like that in the middle hovering above their head... i noticed this with mine. pops up, for absolutely no reason and everybody scatters and takes off trying to get as deep into the enemy and within range of all the rail guns.
  • KukOwns
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    This is not just in main target 11 or doing event.
    This has been going on for a few days now.
    All units set on Stand ground//hotkey D and yet they just start moving like there was on rubi, but wasnt.

    Also when turn rubi on, my units target wire's and dragon teeths instead of buildings and turrets...
    That has been going on since they came out and still no fix.
  • SnowStrike32
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    The red/white circle is the True Believers version of bishop(called the disciple)  targeting your unit and dealing 1 point of damage a second, 

    this counts as an attack so your units will respond by trying to attack the bishop unless their on defense

    I always put mine on defense when they stop where I want them to go, just to be safe

    The range of the Disciple is ~750-1000, so your units will respond when they seem to be away from everything, but are actually within this admitedly prodigious range, note that this is not the range of the aura, that's the red circle ~100 units range
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