Kara's Warmongers

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[Survivor playlist]

TOC-Control F for specific items
Faction Story
Traits [SF Era]
Faction Era
gen 1-4
Spawned units
Unobtainable units
spec ops
Rock, Paper, Scissors-when fighting against other factions (least updated)

Faction Story:


the story for the Survivors starts in operation:  Genesis: when a group of Sentinels lead by "sister sheila" enter the sector , recruiting soldiers from many of the prior factions in the sector
this then leads to
RevelationSentinels start to conduct genetic experimentation within the sector to create super-soldiers many are unwilling participants and take arms against the Sentinels when freed by the commander; among those liberated is kara, Sister of sheila

 Sheila leaves the Sentinels to join the Commander while unidentified snipers are seen engaging Sentinels bases

 RaptureKara is revealed to be leading the "Survivors" of the Sentinel's experimentation against the Sentinels 
Kara and the Survivors support the commander in combating Sentinel fortifications eventually leading them to be pushed out of the sector 

 *Kara remains with the commander due to Sheila being with them while other Survivors take refuge in bases taken over from the Sentinels

the Commander and the Survivors make a trade. the commander gives the Survivors technologies stolen from the Red Lokusts in return for the Survivor's aid in fending off the alliance of the Red Lokusts and Sickle Syndicate 

 *Stormfront potential conflict between Survivors and Hellhounds while the Hellhounds paraded around in their omega titan*

Death from above+ Unholy alliance the Survivors join the Commander in combating a duel Corpus and Kane invasion. 

Near the end of the Invasion Corpus betrays Dr.Kane and in the insuring chaos the Survivors manage to end the life of Zachariah Kane putting an end to the yearly zombie invasions until...

 The Righteous ones: The Sentinels return under Malachi's leadership in search of a relic from before the war, however the Commander hides this from the Survivors while they continue to deal with the remnants of Kane . 

 Brother's wrath 
the commander was unsuccessful in stopping the Sentinels from completing their objective however stole the relic after the Sentinels decypted it
 in response the Sentinel presence increases as Brother Jeremiah's warband is summoned to the sector

 Kara takes command of the campaign against the sentinels while sheila opens negotiations with corpus

*Kara is found to have been taking resources from the commander to help fuel the Survivors* leading to kara leaving the commander's company in order to take direct control over the Survivors.


Highway Zealots
 enter the sector and form a 4 way war

  Kara blames Shadow for problems RUBI has had recently
Sentinels and the Survivors are convinced they can wipe the other out, Ending their Feud
Highway Zealots rival Sentinels in their search for prewar relics
Corpus defends their research facilities established in their alliance with Kane while expanding their operations to allow for more resources to be fueled into them.
The Commander faces them all in an attempt to maintain control over the sector.

The Greater Good 

The Highway Zealots become convinced that their version of doomsday will start from the relics of the sector, as they cannot retreave them without heavy resistance from the other factions Veng decides that the sector itself must be destroyed by a Thorium Bomb.

Sheila convinces the Commander, Kara, and Shadow that joining together with the Sentinels will be the only way to stop Veng 

 True believers:
 Sentinels appear to be attacking Survivors unprovoked causing tensions to rise between the 2 
Shadow attempts to find the root of these attacks

 Blind Faith: Corpus finds that Brother Jeremiah has been leading the True Believers 

 The Divide:the factions once again unite against the  True Believers 

Zombies have created a contraption to revive Kane, with the Swarmlord re-instated the undead once again attempt to ravage the sector.

Thorium rush though Road to Hell: Verkraft
Dr.Kruger increases his mining operations in search of thorium and pre-war tech

 Dreams of the Machine god through Deus ex Machina: Onyx 
Onyx has emerged awaken from Verkraft tempering causing conflict throughout the sector.

Kara challanges Romero to request his assistance with the Survivors 
Due to the massive losses in the war with onyx romero is called upon to assist 

Rising sun-meltdown: Eatern horde [survivors assist in combating the EH]



 Burning dead: Kane (again) 

 Wargames: Kara and sheila play simulated battles on a system created by shadow to see if that fixes rubi [it does]

Red exodus: Survivors fight off against Red Lokusts in defense of the Sentinels to the dismay of Kara.

Metamorphosis-Red Revelation: Survivors continue to engage Red Lokusts without cooperating with the other factions

Rightous Return: Survivors engage possible traitorous Sentinels [later revealed to be True Believers]
after that they take a backseat in the story and mostly fight TBs in the background; however, while combating the TBs it is revealed that the onyx code is inside of rubi which causes the survivors to take a stance on destroying rubi to prevent the revival of onyx in Solitude and shattered alliance before searching after Sheila's company in Falling dead where they reconvene in Kane's tomb thereafter sarkis is found in the tomb.

having defeated the zombies again the factions resume their fight against eachother until the eastern horde invade at the same time as a smaller group of zombies alongside forces under the command of sarkis. 
mutoto leads the charge against the survivors while sarkis makes key strikes against them, such as sapping the power of a large region of survivor territory and kidnapping kara, forcing weaver to recall a large number of survivor forces to mount a liberation campaign with the aid of sheila. 

After Kara's liberation the shadow alliance captured sheila, causing the survivors to mount a recovery operation with sentinel supportive forces. along this journey the shadow alliance's power  generators began to pulse massive bursts of energy along with the arrival of true believer forces into the frontline, after tracking sasha down to a regional HQ it is found that sheila has been converted into the True Believers

subsequently, Kara and Malachi track down Sheila in the hopes that the effects can be reversed.

   -----Traits [SF Era]-----

-tendencies commonly used by this faction in sf era
*bloodlust-damage increases by 10% per kill
*common use of carrosion [1/2 of troops use it]


Hellhound-a mostly outdated vehicle that relies on move and shoot and bloodlust to engage.

Jericho-a heroic version of the hellhound that on top of move and shoot has extremely long range[575] when given tech, can cause concussion with tech and with his fury tactic improves the reload speed of all nearby allies by 500% which is particularly useful

Commando-starting out as the marksman the commando are slow firing special forces that deal massive damage to buildings and vehicles and can apply carrosion when properly teched out. 

[rebellion] Kara- the leader of the survivors kara possess a special blood-lust that will display on the survivor bonus despite not being a faction unit and can apply corrosion.

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    Faction Era-faction buff that is applied if you only deploy their units.

    *Warlust: as units on both teams die damage increases for survivors.
    increases based on capacity 1%=60 cap
    this means that 1 liberator at 60 cap gives 1% warlust, but a wardog at 120 cap gives 2% and so on.

    *Loyalty: 10% damage resistance

    *uses the most status effects in factions*

    [War production]

    Berracks:16-liberator 19-war dog,detonator 20-breacher 22-sharpshooter 24-buzzsaw
    War factory: 22-hammer 25-disruptor. 27-technical

    -------------Gen 1--------------

    Liberators-standard sustain infantry, can target all non-high altitude targets but is easy to kill, best used in swarms in low level bases

    *important to note that while their description says they are immune to burst and corrosion they do not have these resistances as they were since removed.

    Weaver- Cost (Thor) 9 million.
     a heroic version of a liberator:
    Weaver boosts the damage of nearby liberators.
    when damaged he gains a 90% damage reduction sheild that lasts [?] seconds  (only when he first drops below 100% hp)
    above level 6 he no longer counts as a hero and can pair with any other hero
    at level 10 he gains a 1/4th chance of coming back from the dead.[once per battle must repair between revivals]

    Hammer- a reletively weak tank that slowly builds speed as it drives,and deals crushing damage when driving over things, used mainly as a meat sheild for other survivor units or for bypassing the corpus buff in base defense
    # of projectiles increases per level 4-4-4-5-5-5-6-6-6-7 (ty mx36)
    -Roland- cost: 60 mil
    a heroic version of a hammer that buffs the reload speed of nearby hammers, fires twice (3 times when maxed), and with his heroic tech becomes immune to scramble which makes him extremely useful for taking out Tesla towers
    spawns 6 detonators on death.

    Detonators-a suicide unit used in high numbers to swarm against a single high health target. gets free repair with a level 20 berracks making it useful for swarming for additional warlust and a but of extra damage to start off a section

    [insert hero here?]
    Estimated cost 16 mil

    Disruptor-an elemental support vehicle that deals 12,400% bonus damage  against infantry units and can shock or scramble vehicles though has a low rate of fire making it relatively hard to use

    Mikey-cost 66 mil
    mikey is a shock immune disruptor with better stats.

    Mikey is capable of one shotting infantry at a much higher caliber than the standard disruptor, he is also capable of hitting air and applying both shock and scramble instantly making him much more effective for shutting down key targets as the need arises.

    with his heroic tech this supportive aspect becomes even greater as he can also now slow down groups of fast enemies and apply corrosion making tougher targets go down easier, or he can be set to defend his allies from oncoming missile attacks, 

    however it is important to note that mikey has a severe damage falloff as you go further away from his shot's epicenter so you'll want to try to aim for stationary or slowed targets to make the most of his damage if your using him as fire support,

    Bonesaw- their first air unit, used mostly for its cryo to slow down big threats before they get to survivor ground forces, not reccomended unless in swarms unless against HZ or VK

    Rick- cost 50 mil
     a bonesaw that fires rockets as it gets damaged, otherwise unremarkable aside from being able to use both napalm and cryo

    as rick's health decreases the number of rockets in his barrage increases

    at max level Rick gains the ability to only loose a max of 25% of his health from any given projectile making it much easier for him to maneuver properly for each rocket barrage.

    --------Gen 2--------

    War Dogs: a melee support unit for the survivors reponsible for:
    *engaging and stunning enemy infantry (at level 10 they get concussion)
    *distracting gunfire from higher value units (made possible with their Alpha training that spawns 5 level 1 war dogs)
    *disabling mines
    *and boosting liberator movement speed (with their imprint training)

    Max:- max 18 mil
    max extends these roles by also being decent against vehicles and buffing breacher movement speed.
    his zombifier and alpha training spawning higher level war dogs also allows him to shield allies more efficently.
    at level 10 his bark's range becomes 300

    Technicals-a highly customizable unit best used for hit and run style attacks
    *MG- the standard technical, deals sustain damage and can hit both land and air.
    *Fire man-Dedicated Anti-Ground technical that deals fire damage and has a +50% damage increase
    *Rocket man-Dedicated Anti-Air technical that deals burst damage and has a +50% damage increase.
    (at level 10 their repair time decreases)

    Kyle: cost: 33 mil
    Has a laser cannon that deals sustain[and laser???] damage, turret can be replaced by Fireman and Rocketman turrets.
    Buffs the movement speed of nearby technicals

    at level 10 he gains 25 range over the basic technical

    Breachers: A weak link for Survivors: they best used with impact webbing and dragon rounds to clear walls for romero and to fend off zombies

    Though dangerous, breachers can be used to bypass adaptive armor due to having multiple projectiles, and in groups of 6+ can be used in combat squads to kite enemy heavy vehicles.
    can be helpful in holdout style missions with shock ops activated while their corrosion or fire ammo is equipped due to their higher splash area allowing them to be heavy elemental support against short range enemies.


    Skipjack: Cost 12 mil
     A Hero that attempts to be a jack of all trades,
    with impact webbing she can be healthy enough to be a supportive tank, with her grenade she can stun enemy infantry, due to her multi-projectile shots she can be used to negate adaptive armor,corrosion allows her to be a dps support unit, and her fire tech allows her to be anti-zombie

    *Best to wait until she is level 6 and can go with other heroes.
    *She gains a second round in her clip at level 10

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    ----------Gen 3-------

    dedicated snipers best for taking out key targets such as deacons
    *deal unknown amount of bonus damage to infantry

    come with 2 free tech
    *spotter- unarmed drone like unit that can be equiped to buff the range of all nearby sharpshooters
    *stealth- self explanitory

    best to use 1 spotter and 3-4 stealth

    lvl 10: attacks apply busted
    lvl 20: 25% chance to respawn after being killed.

    due to the "On your feet" tech giving a re-spawn to dead spotters and firesight marksman, you can manage to get these units to remain in a specified position even after the sharpshooter they accompany has died or retreated.

    Malcolm:cost 50 mill
    deals massive damage to a single target, has a sharpshooter as a spotter
    att level 6 he looses his heroic restriction and can be deployed with other heroes. 
    at level 10 he moves at twice the speed of an average sharpshooter

    Malcolm is able to utilize a wade variety of status effects making him a vary useful support against many of the factions in the game.

    a gunship that it locked to strafe a base in a counterclockwise direction, 
    cannot fire under F or RUBI, 
    has medium splash and a large bullet spread.
    drops 6 breachers on death
    with tech they can drop an additional 6 breachers or 6 sharpshooters

    Dennis: Cost 88 mil
    a gunship but with improved stats, and you get both their techs instead of just 3 of them.
    this should mean that with his heroic gold tech dennis should have a higher potential number of troops deployed on death.

    Note that unlike normal gunships dennis' heroic gold tech drops crates used in Holdout events on death rather than more troops,  this allows him to give random benefits and additional troops on death on top of his basic 6 breachers, which in the right conditions can pick up these crates. however many of the backup units provided this way are not from the survivors faction and will disable your buff if they are spawned.

    at level 10 dennis' rate of fire increases dramatically increasing the amount of damage he can do, while his stat progression puts him halfway to unique levels of health.

    Lancers are artillary gun infantry 
    *recieves 150 extra range in base defence
    *cannot go into bunkers
    *deals bonus damage to vehicles.
    silver tech allows them to disable enemy vehicles and stun enemy infantry
    *must set up and teat down gun between moving and shooting.

    lvl 10: set up and tear down time decreased, gains defensive range increase
    lvl 20:fires 3 shells before reloading.


    [space for lancer hero]
    Estimated cost 25 mil

    Excavators: A makeshift tank that is also useful as a battering ram
    lvl 10:increases movement speed
     lvl 20: increases damage to air by 15%

    because of its talent its usually better to use it against aircraft, however it isnt terrible against ground targets either when given support.
    deals considerable melee damage and with tech can get a large flat damage reduction.
    it can take decent damage from plasma sources and aircraft due to a mix of its flat damage reduction tech and talents.


    the excavator hero has a modified excavator that features improvements such as:
    The immunity to shock and scramble
    an increased fire rate
    an increased amount of crush damage
    a 20% higher max speed
    and a 100% increase in acceleration. 

    finally at level 5 alen gets an additional bonus of taking 20% less damage while he is moving

     cost 57 million

    dedicated AA
    level 10-fire rate increases as health decreases
    level 20- -25% reload time
    due to its oddly limited clip size and low damage the buzzsaw is easilly the worst of the gen 3 infantry, best to use an excavator in its place


    [hero?] -estimated cost 66 mil

    The Ace is a high altitude unit for the survivors capable of being deployed in high numbers

    at level 10 they deploy a breacher upon death
    at level 20 they drop a c4 from both hands rather than just one.

    while they are weak to area damage when in pairs of 4+ with their fire tech they are able to clear all buildings but the heavy flak, and gen 2 producers in a single volly and will critically wound any unit that can have napalm applied to them.

    however when going against heavy AA bases higher numbers are recommended.

    [hero here]
    estimated cost 40 mil

    reveals all regular stealth units in it's radius similar to a true sight missile, however will not spot advanced/true stealth.

    the extended detection range of the tracker is not negated by the darkstorm's aura.


    ----Gen 4----

    a guy with a quadcopter drone.
    Role:Class 1 artillary/Elemental support
    F: reloads faster as he has taken more damage (up to 50%)
    10: drones speeds up faster and has a better battery life
    20: +25% bigger splash radious.

    due to the nature of this unit's projectiles and tech it is extremely versitile to use: 

    one way to use it is as a bunker defence unit that has over 1,000 range when in a watchtower and 4 million dps when mixing thermal drones,long range signals, and double launch

    another way is to level up its signal disruptor tech and use it as a defensive screening against corpus' swarms of drones spawned from Cerberus and HIVE units this method works best with EMP drones to disable enemy vehicles reducing corpus assaults to just uniques, air and infantry.

    Notes: drones can ignore walls
    drones are also considered projectiles.

    level 1-6 of double launch visualized.

    there is also a slight decrease in speed to fire at higher levels (5+6)

    [hero here]
    Estimated cost 104 million.


    Twinblades are a move and shoot air that fire an array of missiles alongside machine guns

    initially their rocket pods only fire one rocket but at level 10 and 20 they improve to fire another rocket for a grand total of 3 when at max level,

    Faction talent: -15% damage taken from all sources

    with tech it can get an additional -30% damage taken from either burst or sustain

    it also has the choice of increasing its range to 580 or  gain the ability to fire at projectiles and fireing 30% faster

    twinblades are best used in support of other aircraft from the survivor line, such as following behind a gunship strafe or in the flank of a chopper company.


    innate: splash increases as they fire. (% unknown)
    10:-20% damage after stationary for one second
    20:+20% damage after firing for 5 seconds,
    F: gain x% movement speed per kill up to 20%

    Basically a survivor version of devouts, but currently they are bugged so that their shots miss moving targets making them nearly useless.

    best tech is modified barrels to get 600 range and environmental training to become immune to a good number of effects.
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    War rig:
     best used when most units have been eliminated for cleaning up remaining buildings.
    deals considerable amounts of melee damage, can fire at up to 3 targets while it drives, can ignite nearby enemies past a health threshold, 

    The war rig can also spawn several technicals and a hammer with its convoy tech, however these technicals and hammers are not considered technicals and hammers, the game runs them as drones with the same characteristics as their respective partner meaning they cannot be buffed by kyle and roland, however are also ignored by railguns.

    Romero:-deals massive damage to units with his rocket launcher and chaingun but slows down with his c4 on buildings

    best used to wipe out large chunks of enemy units, 
    can use the splash from his rocket launcher to blow apart nearby buildings is properly baiting. 
    splash from rocket launcher can also hit air and splash against groud targets nearby

    with his diamond tech his weakness to buildings is reduced as the time to place a c4 is cut in half, additionally he takes 20% less damage while moving allowing him to approach more safelty

    his range is increased by 50 with his other weapons meaning he has 600 range with his rpg and 550 range with his minigun.


    -main guns has a clip size of 3 and they can be dodged with speed of 4.2+
    -the SAR pod, is a 3 clip homing burst rockets, in elite the clip size is increased to 4
    -initially has a slow turn radius but improves as it kills.
    the destroyer is weak to mines.

    The Destroyer contains battle lust that allows it to gain power as it kills different targets
    Upon killing a ground target it's speed increases to a maximum of 2 (roughly 15 kills)
    upon killing an air target it's turning speed increases (though hard to measure by how much per kill)
    upon killing a building it's damage will increase [estimated by 5% per building]

    roughly 15 kills will max each of these bonuses for a standard and elite destroyer however an omega destroyer will do this in fewer (# reduction unknown)


    Siege is a dedicated dropship for ravagers that increases in number of planes as it increases in power
    S- 1 plane/ standard ravager infantry/11 ravagers dropped per pass
    E-3 planes /ravagers gain the perk of being immune to concussion weapons/33 ravagers dropped per pass
    O-5 planes/ ravagers gain a 10% damage reduction for 5 seconds after dropping/55 ravagers dropped per pass

    *note that the amount of ravagers drop varies based on the terrain, tech and the presence of a screamer, numbers shown are how many ravagers drop with full terrain no tech and no screamer.

    best used as a meat sheild for other ground units to do the rest of the work, 
    ravagers can be good for taking out key targets with their swarm, especially if hunters have been cleared from threatening the siege.

    all tech only applies to the center plane which is always the last to die, should a wingman plane die you will need to repair the unit to bring back that plane.

    Chopper Company
    the chopper company is a helicopter that gets itself in drone form as it increases in power

    S-only the main ship
    E-gets 1 drone
    O-gets 2 drones

    the drones have the same health and damage as the main heli but cant be controlled.
    they will automatically seek out targets in their range but will stop firing if they exceed a distance of 200 from the main heli (can be countered by moving the main heli closer to the drone so it continutes firing at targets even if the main heli cant hit at that range)

    they have an extremely long respawn time but that can be negated by retreating and redeploying the company

    each heli has 2 weapons
    *a chaingun that deals about 7% health to infantry /second (% based weapon)
    *a rocket launcher that deals burst damage to all other targets


    : a dedicated AA utility defensive unique that reduces the speed of oncoming aircraft by up to 60% and marks up to 5 enemy aircraft with a markerlight making them receive 30% more damage from allies.

    Outback :A defensive unit focused on the elimination of unique units,deals [insery here %] increased damage to vehicles and uniques

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    --------------Spawned units------------------



      Liberator+Weaver-->Toxic Offender
    Toxic Offender

    A toxic offender is a kane unit that can be used by the survivors when the "Toxic offender" tech is equipped by relavant infantry, the tech does nothing until that infantry dies. at which point the infantry turns into a kane unit that will soak up damage for the rest of the platoon

    *speed is 3-4
    *does not apply plague
    *faction buff is disabled while this zombie is alive


    Mites are a unit spawned from detonators with the matroshia training tech, they deal less damage than a normal detonator.




    an unarmed unit that buffs nearby sharpshooter range by 25


     Malcolm-->Firesight marksman 

     Firesight=Custom level 1 Sharpshooter spawned by Malcolm that buffs the range of sharpshooters like a spotter but is also armed cannot be buffed by spotters/other Firesights 
    damage= 284,000 (without tech)--> 596,400-702,902(with, varies by how buffs are applied) /shot damage

    War Rig-Emgimann, Rocketmann, Firemann,Hammarr 

     Emgimann, Rocketmann,and Firemann are custom technicals spawned by the war rig that are uneffected by Kyle's influence
     Hammarr is a custom hammer unit deployed by the war rig but is uneffected by Roland's influence

    Seige squadron-->Ravager

     Chopper Company--->Choppers 


    Dennis' crates can spawn the following

    -------------Unobtainable units----------
    Faction Leader Kara/ War Rig boss

    Have no brakes, cannot stop charging when attacking a base


    -Reskin of the Operator
    -never has tech

    double buzz
    double buzz is a pilot that, rather than using a bonesaw with a cannon and mg like other pilots, has opted to use his helicopter blades as a melee weapon, most prominently against kane.

    Company class Cyclone

    Targets ground and air
    speed 4
    health: ~100,000
    Range: 450
    damage: ??
    cant stealth

    Red fleet :
    Red Scout

    speed ~1.8
    HP: ~25million
    damage: negligable
    range: 450ish

    more info [here]

    Veteran controllers: during the war of the shadows 3 controller veterains were rescued from the custody of the shadow alliance, these soldiers were mute and no longer counted against the loyalty bonus against sentinel and corpus commanders
    while they most closely resembled level 10 controllers they appeared to take reduced damage in comparison to other controlers.


    Reload Types

    Heroes excluded because they reload identically
     for survivors
     buzzzsaws arnt effected by bishops
     detonators and their mites are left off as they only fire once
     screamer is left off as it is uneffected by reload 
    and the siege is left off because it doesnt shoot
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    some units can look different, this section is dedicated to showing all the ways survivors units can appear in their alternative forms when compared to their standard appearence.[note i dont have all his skins so promotional art is used in the place of missing skins]

    Detonators can have stealth applied to them.

    Wardogs can appear as "hellhounds"

    *note skin is not applicible to max.
    Sharpshooters can have stealth applied

    Lancers can have spiked wheels and a heavilly disfigured crew


    Controllers can wear a desert like outfit.

    U:Romero has multiple skins that give him various armors and coats 


    Roland has 3 skins of various rewarded metals.

    technicals change appearence based on which of their turrets are equipped

    Excavators and Alen can have additional construction equipment attached to them or have winter camo painted on

    Bonesaws have have zombies crawling on their hulls

    Aces can be changed by many skins.

    Gunships can have arctic camo painted on.

    Twinblades can appear to be a medical evac, Spaceship, or have desert camo applied

    Chopper Company can be turned white

    outback can be repainted or given a futuristic look 

    (thank you @perry for the screenshot)

    As can the destroyer

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    -spec ops-

    1-2 hours 7 min cooldown
    spawns 6 level 15 technicals

    1-2 hours [7 min cooldown]-unconfirmed but highly probable
    spawns a level 15 war rig

    Note due to being spawned units the above mentioned are immune to railgun fire.

    12-24 hours
    does exactly as it says, only really good for free warlust


    Survivor Command center

    "Sledge" turret

    with the survivor trait active this turret can get up to 2M dps at maximum level, it is ineffective against zombies and adaptive armor however*

    *note this is done with a low level sledge

    Surviors banner
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    Adaptive armor<Sustain damage
    Busted>high numbers in bunkers
    average numbers<high numbers
    multi-target>high numbers
    reletive immunity to statuses< most status effects
    Average repair<shortest repair


    Busted>high numbers in bunkers
    Low numbers<high numbers
    large splash area>high numbers
    immunity to status effects> most status effects
    long repair<shortest repair
    seeker lock on> move and shoot

    Ending their survival 


    Main force- 
    Survivors dont have much defence against high altitude units and are primarilly infantry which are weaker against manticores

    Main forces-
    The ability to target multiple units helps corpus reduce the amount of threats, and move and shoot alllows them to dodge several area weapons used by the survivors

    Auxillary tank-
    Deals decent damage and has a higher than average resistance to sustain, it is workable as a tank when needed but not overly reccomended

    Elemental support/auxillary tank-
    Scramble is capable of disabling most survivors and polly has decent damage against what she is firing at, while not the best tank she can be helpful when in a bind even though she is better off as a support vehicle.

    Long range support-
    Due to how plasma works drakons need to be somewhat picky with who they target as many survivors are capable of closing the gap from them quickly (however Santiago doesnt have this issue and thus is reccomended when deploying drakons offensively)

    Main battle tank-
    Their drones take most the fire for other units and when that fails the cerberus itself has fairly heavy armor to stall while the drones respawn, theyre weak to viral but will be able to hold their own against survivors that dont avoid the drones.

    Auxillary DPS
    MIRV explosives give him and Spartans increased speed in taking out clustered targets

    Elemental support- 
    Scramble disables most survivor vehicles and the hermes itself is fast enough to dodge conventional anti-vehicle weapons (however there are several burt weapons that adaptive armor will be needed for)

    Main force- 
    Escorts are naturally immune to most status types, fly,and deal a lot of damage in a relatively quick amount of time whihc allows them to negate several advantages used by the survivors, however they are weak to sustain and are best used with sphinx with absorption tech


    -main force-
     reduces enemy range by 75% forcing survivors to get much closer then normal

    Main force- 
    Many survivor units have fairly low health pools meaning the nova charges its shots quickly

    Anti swarm- 
    The ability to hit 16 units at once effectively eliminates the  swarm advantage used by the survivors


    Spartan ZKs
    Can be useful however they are best in large groups with their gold techs matching the goal of the squad.

    Elemental support-
    Concussion is capable of disabling survivors infantry without their immunity tech equipped which pairs well with the spread appollos have however appollos are weak to sustain and will need to be used solely as supporting units

    Both are effective against non-unique air in small nummbers, but need to be in swarms to deal with uniques, and both struggle against gunships

    Long range support- 
    The fire from its drones can be helpful at reducing survivor numbers however the main ship is fairly fragile and will need to be protected

    Hive Drones
    counter swarm- due to being extremely weak individually the high numbers these drones are used in allows survivor units to gain warlust quickly.

    Furies-cannot handle survivor sustain usage



    Counter swarm- 
    Due to a tech that gives them a smaller warlust and buffs from numbers sentries can easilly tie survivors

    Main battle tank-
     Can outlast survivor non-unique tanks in a 1v1

    Class 1 artillary- 
    Due to their tech and splash vindicators tend to do well agianst survivor forces

    Class 2 artillary-
    See above, due to minimum range often works best when combined with the above unit.

    Caretaker-bishop-galen-tony: as support units they support other units to do better
    CTs+galen: sheild allies from damage (but not % damage)
    Bishops+tony:give various buffs to allied forces

    Long range support
    Due to their range they can outrange most survivor units and apply cryo to them slowing down their reinforcements, watch out for Watchtowers as they could harbor units that quickly take down envoys.

    Main battle tank-
    Can take large amounts of damage making her a good pair for units that need an escort.

    Main force-
    Exact role changes by build but can deal large amounts of damage from long range

    Main force- 
    With a caretaker a jugg's large splash and busted can cause survivors to quickly run short on men but increases their warlust quickly

    Best used to shell a base using spare walls

    Can one shot non-unique survivors which can help thin their herd


     Armor tech and numbers of 5-8 needed

     Strong against air, but survivors dont have much of that

    Battle tank-
    Can take a bit of  sustain fire but are threatened by effects without faction loyalty

    Anti hit and run- 
    Lock on prevents hit and run units from running however they die quickly when confronted

    High altitude
    Both are threatened by rocket technicals however are safe once they are taken care of

    Burnside/chaplins mowed down by longer raneg guns before hitting combat
    Vallient+dylan- low comparative health leads to warlust overwhelming them
    Judge-  survivor units are too fast for it to be effective


    Image result for free to play vs pay to win gif

    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    2 skin changes from survivors

    1 marksmen to commando

    2-lancer update
    Image result for free to play vs pay to win gif

    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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