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el chaky
el chaky
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Special forces is something very important, but in the game it seems they are not. They are obsolete, and they are supposed to be special forces because they do not give new parts.   

.Instead of spending dollars to recreate a design with the legendary, it is a very solid problem in several servers and why not be able to unlock and mass produce as the legacy and the 123 generations ... as missions or gold offers.

for that reason the low levels stop playing the highs and it is a loss in profit.

Analyzing problems is one of the thorium must players raise it to have the weapons utilez and make bases where they lose everything and in the end they stay if nothing losing attention to the game and leave it fast because they are not manufactured with resources of oil and metal.

why not leave the thorium for specials and heroes. Analyzing this would bring more users.

like it if they wish
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