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was having a look in my loft/attic earlier and came across my old consoles and games. it set me laughing my head off looking at the first driving games where the only control for them was a left-right joystick. the master system and mega drive gave me hours of fun though. i also came across my old zx spectrum with atic atack. happy days when it was all so simple. one thing though. i hope them lemmings never show again. it took me ages to complete that last level where you had to dig around to find the exit on the mega drive version.
you keep whining like me but we are still here, i love broken pixels, how about you
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    Zx Spectrun 48k+, Mega Drive and PS2 here, spent most of last Saturday on PS2. MD gets set up every now and again, but been at least 4yrs since Speccy  was set up, need a faster way to load the games, cassettes take to long.....lol. At least it was still working :)
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    The oldest console I ever had was a Dreamcast, which broke a while back, so now my oldest is the slim PS2.
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