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Imbalance in game. All subscriptions cancelled until balance returns

Joined Dec 2018 Posts: 3

Hi Kixeye Team. I really like the game. I spent 15000 in the last 8 months leveling every unit to the max and upgrading my entire base and turrets. But any person with good platoon 12 and four F35s can destroy my base. Even when I'm buffed. This is echoed by all top players. So there is no point. All players attack and beat all players. That is boring I'm afraid. Please return balance to the game and I will keep spending. Until then I will not. Thanks!!

  • salmon739
    Joined Mar 2019 Posts: 1

    The new level 12 command centre upgrade makes this game completely imbalance for level 70+ players.
    It is impossible to save up resources to upgrade the base when you can see that 2 Ghost riders trying to loop your base every time the shield is gone.

    I will not spend a cents any more if you cannot allow organic growths. The base upgrades are too expensive 400M Thorium and 500M metal. It will cost you 500 USD to get the base upgrade with nothing.
    You still need to spends hundreds of dollars to upgrade other stuffs. You are just to greedy for money.

    If you are planning for a higher FOB level upgrade, then I will not play this game any more.

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