The BP Survival Guide! (AKA The 2019 Defense Update)

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Attention Captains!

Back in January, we announced our plans to improve the way Defense and Splash worked in the game.  After no fewer than FIVE previews of incorporating community feedback, and months of testing, we’re excited to roll out these changes as part of the 9.14 update! If you have comments or feedback, please direct them to the 9.14 update discussion thread.

Note: a complete change log can be found HERE. This is more information than you can realistically take in, do not try to go through every part of the document. If you have questions about changes to a specific item, use the FIND command to search the document and see the item's specific changes. A description of the primary changes can be found below.


The old Defense Stat is going the way of the Dodo and is being replaced by a new Defense stat: Survival.

On Components, you’ll see a new flat Survival value that shows up under the Defense category of stats.  Here, we can see the Explosive Survival on a Zynthonite Armor D6-X.

On Hulls, you’ll see your Survival flat value paired with a percentage value, which shows how much longer you’ll survive against the corresponding Stat type.  So, if you see +100% Corrosive Survival, you survive twice as long against Corrosive Damage. +200% Corrosive Survival means you survive three times as long against Corrosive Damage.

Here we see what an Icebreaker looks like with no Components equipped:

Now, when we put the Zynthonite Armor on the Icebreaker, we can see its Survival against Explosive Damage increase from 48% to 87%:

The amount of Survival it takes to protect a Hull increases with the Hull’s Tier, since higher Tier Hulls have more Armor to defend.  Here we see an Inferno Dragon with the same Zynthonite Armor we just had on the Icebreaker, but it is slightly less effective since the Inferno Dragon is a higher Tier Hull:

The difference between 48% Survival and 87% Survival is a pretty big deal, but the difference between 248% and 287% is actually less significant (though still useful), which means at higher Survival values you can now consider other more creative options with your builds!


Splash Damage Reduction used to fully apply to any projectile that had a Splash Radius, regardless of whether or not they were Directly Hit or hit by the Splash.  This included both player content and NPC content. In the image below, we can see that regardless of where a Hull or Building is hit, Splash Damage Reduction is fully applied.

Now, Splash Damage Reduction is no longer used if a projectile hits its target directly.  This means Splash Damage Reduction is less effective when being Directly Hit and more effective when you’re actually being hit by the Splash of a projectile.  This is shown in the image below, where we can see Splash Damage Reduction is 0% at the point of impact, but becomes more and more significant as you approach the edge of the Splash.

Following the image above, imagine an enemy has 5000 Corrosive Survival and 500 Splash Damage Reduction.  If you hit that enemy directly, they’ll have only 5000 Corrosive Survival, but if they are right at the edge of the explosion, all 500 Splash Damage Reduction could be added, giving them up to 5500 Corrosive Survival!


We’re working hard to ensure that you don’t experience any significant differences to your immediate experience, with the positive benefits of the change coming in over the mid and long term.  However, with a change to something so fundamental, it is possible some targets or combinations will be meaningfully too strong or too weak. It is our goal to adjust these as quickly as possible to minimize any disruption as much as possible.

Part of achieving this parity meant RADICALLY increasing Armor values on most Hulls.  Don’t worry, as promised in previous posts, this massive increase will not impact your repair costs.  We’ve also removed Ship and Structure Deflection and converted the value of those stats into Armor, in order to help reduce stat complexity.

In addition, a few of our older Hulls have had their Type changed to better represent their strengths, so they can be used against the targets they work best in.  For example, the Stingray was Skirmish and is now Siege. More recent Hulls are not affected by these adjustments.


These changes will have a long-term positive effect on the Battle Pirates experience, will make more build options viable, open the door to new component possibilities, and make the game a little more intuitive (once everyone is used to the changes).

It’s important to note that we’ve gone to extra effort to ensure your Saturn and Nemesis X (and their respective Flags) builds will play out as you anticipated in the upcoming Raid, so nothing you’ve done there will be compromised.

We are extremely thankful to those of you in the community who actively engaged in our playtests, we wouldn’t have been able to make this work without you!


Until next time, Captains, this is WrongThinker signing off.


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