FM Prizes need to be updated

Minor Nuisance
Joined Jun 2014 Posts: 232
Is there any chance the FM prizes can be updated to reflect current level of players, current hulls and technology ?

I do not need anymore Gale Defence System I's, Missile Defense System I's, Charged armors, Zelos build tokens, Apollo Build Tokens, Tideseeker build tokens, Punisher VXP Tokens etc......

I am at capacity for most of these and have everything else I need or want at the moment, but need to buy USELESS items in order to get the Ship Tokens, Building Tokens etc.....

Research tokens are useless as the Research Items also have not been updated to reflect current turrets, advanced technologies, hulls etc.....

For those higher leveled players can you please add useful things like Ship Build Tokens (even 1 hour tokens would help), VXP Tokens, USEFUL Rogue Crews, Building Repair or Upgrade Tokens, Fleet Repair Tokens, Resource Tokens, Any CURRENTLY LIMITED items required for Raids such as Armor, Weapons, Tech, basically ANYTHING that would be of benefit to players.
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