Discussion Thread - March CM Diary

CM Dade Murphy
CM Dade Murphy
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Please let us know what your thoughts are!
CM Diary
  • fatcoiner
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    Thanks for the updates. My main concern was the daemon vs renascence problem, and hopefully its fixed.

    The removal of the arms lab is pretty sad to be honest. It only let us farm for specific matierials when an event isnt on. I wish we could keep it.

    The reduced crafting time for dreadnoughts is just great.

    The required 10% damage to a npc fleet is good, no more insta spam taking all the high end fleets.

    Really nice post and again thanks for the updates.

  • Fernando Andrade
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    They meant the arms merchant
  • Sequestor
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    I'd like to be able to turn the phasing off on my ships and still have the phase-out buff when it discharges. In pve when one or two ships in a fleet of daemons get damaged, enemies focus on that ship even more, making things worse than they could be without phasing at all.
    Just another button near AI: "Phasing On/Off".

    This would prevent too long battles (especially in auto) in pve for pharmakon vs pharmakon too.
  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose
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    Daemon Battleship
    Concerns on the Daemon’s --- and Battleships have an edge over Battlecruisers, --- April game update!
    Typo, it should be "Battlecruisers have an edge over Battleships".
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  • Zero Calling Elite
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    fatcoiner said:

    The required 10% damage to a npc fleet is good, no more insta spam taking all the high end fleets.

    This was a big issue that I've noticed when attacking Hunters, and that's where the weeding became more apparent... Been like that for 6 months, now its finally getting a fix. Well, better late than never, I guess...?
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  • dragonbarb
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    How to say nothing useful in a wall of text. garbage.

  • dom.friant
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    While appreciate imbalances being looked at, I sincerely hope this does not result in a nerf to the Daemon. While I know there are a few rather vocal individuals that think nerfing it is a great idea, I would venture to guess a much larger percentage of players want to keep it as it is, and perhaps buff its counters (for example) to make them more competitive. Thanks.
    Because I like the Condor!
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