Downtime & Release Notes (3/31/19)

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VEGA Conflict is undergoing downtime Sunday March 31 @ 8PM PDT 

The downtime is estimated to last for 1 hour.


As another month rolls by, our next game update will be released on Sunday. Look out for the Gargoyle Carrier, the first Umbra Carrier, in the Vestige Monthly Event. Also keep an eye out for the Lunatic Cruiser, utilizing marauder-converted wreckage from Wraith Cruisers, which will be available in Alliance War at the end of April.

The downtime change from Thursday to Sunday occurred due to unexpected issues technical issues. With this release, Android and iOS will not be impacted, but the Steam update will be delayed. Thank you for your patience.

[Alliance War] Earn the Lunatic Cruiser and Void Umbra Tech in April’s Alliance War.

[Vestige] Grab the Gargoyle Carrier, then nail the competition with the Hammer Missile. Pick up the Phase Drain Buffer and decrease drain rate, increasing phase duration.

[Altairian Blitz Event] Don’t miss a second chance at Victoria Onin and tech missing from your arsenal

[Mobilization] Gather valuable Gargoyle Mk2-6 upgrade materials, but pick up the Phase Charge Relay to fine-tune your battle strategy

[Hull] Blast away foes with the Umbra Gargoyle Carrier

[Tech] Equip the Hammer Missile to your Gargoyle to nail the competition

[Hull] Go crazy with the Marauder converted Umbra hull, the Lunatic Cruiser

[Tech] Boost your Lunatic Cruiser with the Void Nova Cannon

[Tech] Protect your assets with Marauder Void Thonian Armor and Ablative Leech Armor

[Tech] Stay Phased longer with the Phase Drain Buffer

[Tech] Enter Phase faster with the Phase Charge Relay

  • Fixed an issue where Victus Noir may cause non-pharmakon hulls to enter Phase

  • Fixed an issue for various hulls’ planet speed to make them consistent at MKVI

  • Fixed an issue where the Blitz dialogue could appear during an attack

  • Fixed an issue where NPC ships may stop following targets

  • Fixed an issue where Friend/Enemy last seen time does not appear on iPad

  • Fixed an issue in Alliance War where if RI limit has been reached, prize redemption may result in Lorium taken but no prize granted

  • Fixed an issue where Blood Amber Daily Reward cannot be claimed when Blood Amber is full, then is used.

  • Fixed an issue where Sybil Cargo Bonus does not visually appear in Fleet Manager

  • Fixed an issue where Xeno Eclipse Driver IV appears available to equip on Pharmakon hulls on Mobile devices

  • Various minor localization issues

  • Various minor graphical issues

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