DevLeonis' Dev Diary - 2019 March

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Greetings Rebels,

The first thing that comes to mind is to respond to some feedback we've seen regarding the Altairian Renascence Battlecruiser. The Renascence Battlecruiser was designed to aid in countering the Pharmakon threat by directly hindering one of their strengths, phasing. The Battlecruiser itself has proven to be a useful core ship design, however we've placed its RPS effectiveness within its Mk bonuses. This setup is designed to feel more rewarding as it reaches peak performance in its higher Mks, without going overboard on its maximum potential, but also without making each Mk upgrade feel insignificant. We will continue to monitor its performance and your feedback with consideration to making adjustments to improve how it feels, but as of now, it looks to be fulfilling its role and design within expectations for the long term goals we have in mind.

That goal is to shift hull mechanics and abilities to more actively counter the mechanics of its opposing faction. I have no doubt that you all will be able to recognize useful strategies with these more focused setups, by combining hull abilities, fits and fleet formations, that will utilize the Renascence Battlecruiser skillfully, as it is one of the ships that have a high skill reward.

We intend to focus on hull designs to highlight RPS advantages, without diminishing the ability to be an effective tool in combat. The main intention of these mechanics is to have them counter another faction’s key abilities, giving the hull a tangible advantage over that faction..

Beyond this I'm pretty excited about the future for Vega Conflict. Over the past several months, we have created some really interesting mechanics between the different factions, giving each a different feel and play style, and we're not finished! We have more mechanics being developed to add new strategies against the ongoing and evolving challenges for both PvE and PvP. We are focusing on the Factional RPS designs to encourage varied play styles and strategies. The feedback we've received from the community has been encouraging and we want to ensure that everyone is enjoying the game. We are excited to see you all discussing strategies, engaging in combat and having fun.

What's next

The Umbra Carrier has been long overdue to compete with Altairian's Sovereign Carrier, and I'm happy to say it's finally going to peek out from the Blight Nebula clouds of that deep dark space. It will have some new mechanics outfitted to fit the Umbra style and nature. Expect to see more details on this soon.

Legacy Content

Last month I mentioned there were some retroactive updates to legacy content being worked on. One of these is the way XP gets converted to represent fleet level. We've received feedback from the community about certain fleet layouts that result in overlapping levels, despite a distinct difference in combat capabilities. As a result of this we're working on a rebalance to XP which will first roll out for fleets. We will not be altering the rules for PvP gating, as these changes should work well with the new level structure. The timeline for when this will take place is dependent on when we are comfortable with the changes. Since this change will be touching practically every piece of content there is, there's quite a bit to review before releasing it into the wild.

We're going to be shifting each faction and tier into their own level bands. This should help give a clearer visual representation of fleet power, based on level. Currently there is too much overlap in certain level ranges that makes for a poor experience, where the level of a fleet does not match that fleet’s difficulty.

Level RangeFaction Name
4050VEGA Security
5060Iron Star Company
6070Demon Corp
7080Xeno Division

It is worth noting that the level of a fleet cannot reveal that fleet’s hulls or loadout, so when it comes to the Altairian/Umbra/Pharmakon tier, the RPS mechanics will provide specific advantages and disadvantages. As a result, power in this level range will be relative, and the composition of the fleet will be the most important factor.This isn't going to be strict, as there are some situations that may cause overlap because of how the system works in determining level, but it will help give a better sense of expectations than what we're currently looking at.

Additionally, we are working on having Fleet Commanders contribute XP to a Fleet. This will help show their influence in combat power, which may cause further overlap in certain situations, but will more clearly display the power expectations of a Fleet.

Stay safe Rebels, till next time.


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