Assault Cycle Strategy Guide

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    I 'm just going to go for the ships I can kill in the fog and leave the rest of the target trashed for the next player. Sorry, but this is how it goes when you can only build a couple of ships before the raid. I used to hate it when people did that. Now I'm going to be one of them. :)

    Seen a lot of targets like that - especially in the 102's most of target is gone except for the last 3 viperfish and the purple towers....

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    SAS_UK said:
    Played for 2 yeares and it has taken me this long to realise playing this game is a really big mistake. Kixeye have a right to earn monies to fund the game but they take it to the extreme of sanity, the game is a total rip off and I wouldn't recommend it to my worse enemy. you need to get your priorities right Kixeye before you have nobody left to pay the bills. This is the worse raid event I have seen so far no matter the build or the piloting skills all value targets cost a fortune and only blitzing gains points and that is an astronomical cost to even do that; no time to complete fleets before they are made obsolete. Game sucks to be honest.
    I would agree with you Except - first siege raid last cycle was worse. I stopped caring at that point and this raid... well guess I must be done soon.
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    Even after throwing Kix 20 bucks to finish entire fleet I found that the value of the targets is not worth the cost, so enjoy the last 20 bucks you will get from me Kixeye,  The half points from t6 sets, the crushing damage in the t7 and t8 sets just made it no fun,  If a game is not fun anymore what is the point in playing?  Been a great run, and as all my friends have left already I really wont be missing anything but bad programming...
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