Ideas for new Alien Races.

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Out in the distant reaches of space we rebels have interacted with various species, unsure of what could be lurking around the Corner. VEGA/Umbra knew about some of these races, some remain to be seen.

Nairatla - an ancient race as old as the Altarians, who were On-wah's main opponent, being a culture Built around the principal of kill or be killed. Thier ancient race believed in the idea of either killing other races, or outright enslaving them for use in thier empire. They launched attacks on 5 other neighbouring races, causing the Altarians to declare a full scale war, bearing down with armadas of bastions and Inquisitors, they faced off against Daggotg Cruisers and Czar Carriers, and many other horrors. Overtime it became apparent that the other races were being conscripted to fight the altarians Armada, On wah Freed these races, and in time fired the predesscor to the TITAN, decimating thier homeworld, They now linquer in unknown corners of space, some suspect that they helped start the war between the Heralds, fueling the Oligarchs with thier own beliefs of might makes right, fulfilling a genocidal path against those who oppose them, there is evidence to go as far as say their race influenced VEGA upon thier reach to the stars.


  • Czar Carrier
  • Daggoth Cruiser
  • Baelrog Destroyer
  • Dalek Cutter
  • Scepter Battleship

Fraygins - A nomadic race who trade amongst different races, they were the result of a race who has acquired much knowledge but had at one time lived on a beautiful eden of a planet, before it was occupied by the Nairatla.

In gratitude to their liberation from the clutches of their oppressive masters, On wah had negotiated a peace to share thier wealth and resources, forming a pact of Allies, who contributed thier Crusader Cruisers, Avatar Battlecruisers, Seigebreaker battleships, Xcaliber destroyers and Harbridger Carrier.

They aided the Altarians and given them tech and various Weapons, They remained close allies until they went into solitude under the precident that their Pharmakon AI would protect and serve their every need. Until the Alien infection befell them...

The survivors roam the galaxy in moving platforms, eager to trade with any eager clients.

VEGA may have used this to thier advantage.


  • Trader Freighter
  • Crusader Cruiser
  • Seigebreaker Battleship
  • Avatar Battlecruisers
  • Excalibur Destroyer.
  • Harbridger Carrier.

[INFORMATION DISPLACED] - an interdimensional Race of mysterious beings that were the result of an experiment into the early experiments of Javelin jump travel, during this ships would travel from one base to another testing thier Capabilities. Unfortunatly something noticed them, and a rift opened up, coming out where distorted creatures bending in and out of space and time. Distorting reality around them and warping things around them. Even going so far as turning ships inside out. Emitting sounds that can make peoples heads explode, and emitting radiation form thier many orifices that can cause insanity and extreme paranoia.

Only 4 javelin flagships escaped from the location, the entire base, settlements and fleets there seemingly to disappear into another dimension.


  • Unknown Anomaly A
  • Unknown Anomaly B
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