Uranium, Base Parts + Titanium help

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Having just came back to the game after a few years or so, i'm lacking the fleets to do the chores mentioned in the title. 

Could people please help with basic builds (due to lack of recent, decent tech) to do the mentioned things so I can plan ahead with builds and what i'll need if possible? Really want to get back into the game so any help would be much appreciated.

  • rod2012
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    I am in a similiar situation. But, my question is I need 340,000 or so of uranium to upgrade op but my uranium topps off at 293,000. How do I get it to 340K? ? ? 

  • Joe Blow60
    Joe Blow60
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    I am still trying to identify best sources of Uranium now, but to be able to store more uranium you have to upgrade warehouses (which of course, takes uranium)
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