Mellonie Ginder
Mellonie Ginder
Joined Sep 2012 Posts: 7
Can you please put Sky fires in the fm i find it very hard to get titanium, i need something that can help me do them.   Im extremely behind in tech i cant  even do raids  cause i dont have the tech  and Sky fires would help me some.
  • Kids Jaman Now
    Kids Jaman Now
    Potential Threat
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    im in the same boat, dont forget to put the flag also token for it, come on kix its only tier 6 assault fleet
  • Yabanut
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Apr 2015 Posts: 294
    Maybe they could run the Skyfire TLC again, but Assault Raid Cycle starts in April, Titanium targets are Assault, so Skyfire and Phoenix from 2017, Manticores 2018, and new assualt ships being released next week ready for April, so running Skyfire TLC will only be of benefit if they can be used in the new targets that will be in the raid.
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