Today in the WC Universe during Operation: Red Revelation Sheila Being on Her Lonesome

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In this event story runthrough I had the help from @nametagg0,@HotSausage as idotsandwich123 and @drag0nsun as Heavenslion in Discord.

Main Track

Main Target (1)

Andrew: I do not require your assistance in assaulting this location.

You two need to vacate the area immediately.

Tony: Sorry bro, but this facility has been claimed in the name of the Machine God.

Get out of the way or risk getting hit with our retribution!

Hey, where do you think you’re going?!

Malcolm: I have a mission to accomplish.

Bickering with you tow was not part of the parameters.

But, please continue. You'll make for an excellent diversion.

Tony: Oh, I don't think so. Get back here!

Andrew: **** it.

Looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way…

Main Target (2)

RUBI 2.0: Sheila, I am receiving reports that Red Lokust troop movement is increasing.

Lines are being reinforced across the Sector.

It would appear they ate mobilizing for something.

Sheila: Sasha must have found Malachi…

She’s getting ready to end things.

RUBI 2.0: I am still unable to establish contact with your sister or Shadow.

I cannot detect anything that would be jamming our signals.

Sheila: I have a feeling no one wants to talk to us right now, RUBI.

I can't say that I blame them.

If what Shadow said about Malachi is true...

…it might be the end of the alliance as we know it.

RUBI 2.0: Without reinforcements, we may not be able to face the Red Lokust.

Do you have a plan, Sheila?


We need to find Malachi...

I still need answers.

Main Target (3)

RUBI 2.0: Malachi and his forces are also not responding to our communication attempts, Sheila.

Sheila: That makes sense. I imagine he has his hands full at the moment.

We need to move quickly if we’re going to reach him in time.

RUBI 2.0: My sensors are detecting a Red Lokust supply depot near our location.

Our supplies are running drastically low.

Sheila: I’m picking up what you’re putting down, RUBI.

RUBI 2.0: I have not put anything do…

Sheila: Oh man, look at this place…

RUBI 2.0: It appears to be very well stocked.

Sheila: Too well stocked, I would say.

Do they really need all of those supplies just to wage war on the Sentinels…

… or is Sasha planning something else?

Come on, RUBI, let’s go see if we can borrow a cup of sugar.

Main Target (4)

Sheila: Well this place is definitely buzzing...

RUBI 2.0: There is a high volume of activity on my sensors, Shiela.

But, this is Confusing to you?

The Red Lokusts are engaged in full-scale war with the Sentinels.

It would make sense that this facility would be on high alert, and preparing for battle.

Sheila: There’s something... odd about it though.

None of the Facilities we encountered previously had this level of activity...

... even as Sasha was scouring the Sector for Malachi.

Also, the front lines are nowhere near here.

Between this, and the massive collection of resources and supplies they were hoarding...

... I feel like something is about to go down.

I just wish I knew what it was.

RUBI 2.0: I will continue to monitor all incoming reports for anything that might seem out of place, Sheila.

Sheila: Thanks, RUBI.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this...

Main Target (5)

Sheila: Are you sure about this, RUBI?

I don’t want to go chasing a red herring.

RUBI 2.0: All of my intel suggests that this convoy was deployed in a hurry…

…to help reinforce a large Red Lokust incursion against the Sentinels.

Sheila: There’s a lot of firepower here.

They must be going after a juicy target…

…like Malachi!

I know Sasha wants him dead, but geez…

This seems like overkill.

RUBI 2.0: That was my line of thinking as well.

Sheila: We can’t let them reach their destination.

We’ve got to cut them off and find out exactly where they were heading.

RUBI 2.0: They appear to have stopped to recharge, Sheila.

This would be the most opportune time to attack.

We may not fare well against them should they be able to fully recharge and resupply.

Sheila: Agreed. We’re stretched pretty thin at the moment.

Maybe if we can hit their power supply before they know we’re here…

Main Target (6)

RUBI 2.0: Our scouts were able to track those that escaped from the previous battle.

Their destination was this Red Lokust train depot.

Your plan succeeded.

Sheila: I knew none of them were going to talk if we interrogated them…

… but I had a suspicion that they might run for help.

RUBI 2.0: That will mean this facility will know that we are coming, however.

Sheila: True, but we needed to take a risk if we were going to make any progress.

Hm, looks like they’re not only transporting troops to the front here.

I’m also seeing prisoners being loaded up and moved out as well.

Why is Sasha still taking prisoners?

RUBI 2.0: I’m detecting that there are soldiers still awaiting transport, Sheila.

They could have vital information regarding what the Red Lokust are up to.

Sheila: Yeah, and we could use some more hands on deck…

Alright, let’s make this quick. Then, we’ll find Malachi.

Everyone, move out!

Main Target (7)

RUBI 2.0: Sheila, I am receiving an urgent message.

It appears to be from Malachi.

Sheila: Patch it through!

Malachi: My dear Sister Sheila. By now I am sure news has reached you…

… of why the Red Lokust hates the Sentinels so.


Malachi: I am sure you have many questions and are probably on your way to find me as we speak…

... but you need to stop.

Sasha and her forces are relentless, and will not cease until they have my head.

I do not want anyone else to be caught in the crossfire.

Please, for the Machine God’s sake, return to base and let me handle this.

I will tell you everything once the battle is finished.

Sheila: Malachi…

Malachi: I know you are being tested right now, Sheila. We all are.

At times like these, one must look to their faith to find strength.

I know you still have faith, Sheila.

It may not be in the Machine God, but it’s there.

Until we meet again…

Sheila: Malachi?


RUBI 2.0: I am sorry, Sheila, but the transmission has been cut off on his end.


Get everyone ready, RUBI. We’re moving out.

RUBI 2.0: Malachi requested…

Sheila: I know what he requested…

… but his request has been denied.

Main Target (8)

Sasha: Hurry up, **** it! We’re already behind as it is.

Sheila: It’s Sasha! But… what is she doing here?

I would have thought she would be hunting down Malachi…

RUBI 2.0: She appears to be trying to motivate her forces.

Sasha: Get those supplies loaded up, or I will throw you into the ocean!

Sheila: I don't know if motivate is the word I would use…

She does seem to be in a hurry though.

RUBI 2.0: Perhaps she is rearming, before returning to her hunt.

Sasha: Come on! It's almost ready, we’re just missing these last few parts.

Sheila: Parts?

What does she need parts for?

RUBI 2.0: I cannot say, Sheila.

Sheila: I think we’re onto something here, RUBI…

Sasha: What... YOU!

Sheila: ****, we’ve been spotted!

After her! If we follow her, I’m sure we’ll find Malachi!

Main Target (9)

Sasha: You are either stubborn, brave or stupid, Sheila.

To continue fighting, even after being shown the truth about your precious friends…

... and your precious Malachi.


I am only here for your head, Sasha...

... and to bring peace back to the Sector.

Sasha: Peace? I see, so you ARE stupid.

This Sector has never known peace.

But it will soon...

Sheila: What are you talking about?

Sasha: The final pieces are falling into place, Sheila.

They’ve been moving around you this whole time.

I now have everything needed to complete my masterpiece...

Sheila: You're insane, Sasha.

Sasha: You said “brilliant” wrong, but that's ok.

First, Malachi will see what the Red Lokust and I are truly capable of…

... and then the rest of what remains of your little alliance will be destroyed.

Sheila: **** you, Sasha...

Sasha: A prototype of my masterpiece is already on its way to its final test.  

Sheila: Malachi…

Sasha: Yes, Sheila, hurry. Save your precious Malachi!

Main Target (10)

RUBI 2.0: Sheila, a message from base has come in.

They have been attacked by an unidentified unit…

Sheila: We were played.

Sasha knew we would run to Malachi…

Is everyone ok?

RUBI 2.0: There are casualties, but it would appear that the goal was not to level the base.

Our supplies were hit, and are all but gone.

The defenders were able to eventually repel the hostile.

Sheila: Were they, or did it leave because its mission was complete?

Sasha: So, did you enjoy the show, or were you in the wrong theater?

Sheila: I’m sick and tired of playing your mind games, Sasha!

Stand and fight!

Sasha: If only I could, Sheila.

But, Malachi is currently a lot more... alive then I would like him to be.

I intend to remedy that.

Since your friends were so obliging in the final testing of my new toy…

... I am now ready to make him answer for his crimes.

Once he’s dead, maybe I’ll pay your sister a visit…

Sheila: You ****!

We can’t let her get away, tear this place apart!

Main Target (11)

Sheila: I should have let Kara rip Sasha’s throat out when we had the chance.

RUBI 2.0: Sheila, this is unlike you.

Please, take a deep breath. You are no good to us in this state.

We will catch up to  Sasha, and we will stop her.


You’re right, RUBI. Thank you.

I thought we were on the right track with all of this Red Lokust traffic in the area…

... but they’re turning around and heading in a completely different direction.

RUBI 2.0: That is definitely strange, Sheila. I cannot detect anything of significance in that direction.

Sheila: If they’re not heading to reinforce Sasha, then where…

What the hell is she up to?

RUBI 2.0: Perhaps we can gather some intel from the facility.

Sheila: Remember the train depot, RUBI? The Red Lokust aren't exactly leaving information lying around.

I wonder if anyone but Sasha knows exactly what’s going on…

It’s like someone is watching our every move, and constantly moving the posts.

RUBI 2.0: We still do not know who Sasha’s benefactor is.

Sheila: Yeah, and she’s not telling.

Something big is going down, RUBI.

We’re not getting anywhere by just sitting here...

Main Target (12)

RUBI 2.0: Sheila, I believe I may have found something of use.

I am unsure, however.

Sheila: I’ll take whatever you can give me, RUBI.

RUBI 2.0: I have been continuing to analyze the trajectory of the Red Lokust column we encountered.

Cross referencing with other reports of troop movement I have been receiving…

... I believe I have narrowed down where they might be heading.

Sheila: Let’s see...

RUBI, there’s nothing in that area except…


...oh no.

That… that wouldn't make any sense though. Why would they go there?

RUBI 2.0: I am unsure, but that is not all.

I believe this is where the latest batch of Red Lokust prisoners have been sent as well.

Sheila: What? Why?

I don't like it one bit. Get the word out to my sister and Shadow, if they’ll listen.

We need to find Sasha, and fast!

She’s the only who knows what the hell is going on.

I only hope we’re not too late…

If you see any spelling/grammar differences from the In-game version it's because I tried to correct it/ make sound better to the best of my ability. I am also sorry if there is any missed dialogue especially when it comes to action activated dialogue. There is also some missplaced character dialogue boxes so fixed that to who/where they should to make more sense.

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