Today in the WC Universe during Operation: Red Revelation Kara Saving Sheila From The Sidelines

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In this event story runthrough I had the help from @nametagg0,@HotSausage as idotsandwich123 and @drag0nsun as Heavenslion in Discord.

Main Track Storyline: Please read this part first if you haven't done so already.

Survivors Faction Track

Survivors Target (1)

Kara: Another holding facility?!

Kyle: I thought those Corpus goons were supposed to have cleared these out.

Kara: So did I...

Weaver: On the plus side, the majority of the prisoners appear to be Survivors.

Kara: How is that a plus, Weaver?

Weaver: It means we don’t have to worry about kyle’s beard scaring them when we free them.

Kyle: You’re just jealous, Weaver.

Don’t worry, though. You’ll hit puberty one day.

Kara: Cut the crap, you two.

We need to shut this place down.

Kyle: You know what they say…

... never trust Corpus to do a Survivors job.

Survivors Target (2)

Skipjack: Mighty good to see you again, ma’am.

Kara: Skipjack. We came as soon as we received your call.

What have we got?

Skipjack: Well, this area is infested with these holding facilities.

Kara: Where the hell is Shadow and her forces?

Skipjack: About that, ma’am.

I don’t think these sites have been around very long.

Kara: What do you mean?

Skipjack: The actual holding cells look like they were set up pretty hastily.

As if these prisoners aren’t meant to be here very long.

Kara: So, they’ve been moving them?

Skipjack: I’d say so.

But to where, I haven’t a clue.

If we set the prisoners loose, they might be willing to share what they know.

Kara: That’s what we thought about the last prisoners we freed.

No one seems to know where they were being taken…

Skipjack: Looks like this rabbit hole goes deeper than I thought.

Kara: We’ll figure it out, Skipjack.

In the meantime, let’s crack some skulls!

Survivors Target (3)

Weaver: Ma’am, something left from this area recently and left a large energy signature.

Something… big.

Kara: Where was it heading?

Weaver: You’ll want to take a look for yourself, ma’am.



Weaver: I’ve tried contacting the base, but I don’t seem to be able to get through.

I think this facility is blocking communications.

Kara: Sasha didn’t want this place being found and reported.

Weaver: That would explain the heavy air presence.

Kara: Weaver, I need you to get in there. See if you can find any info about what was deployed.

Weaver: Roger that, ma’am.

Kara: Kyle, I need you to draw their attention so Weaver can gain access.

Kyle: Do the hard work while Weaver sneaks around?

You got it, ma’am.

Kara: Just what are you up to, Sasha...

Survivors Target (4)

Sasha: You are the last person I expected to see here, Kara.

Unless... you’ve come to help me kill Malachi.

Kara: Believe me, Sasha, I won’t be shedding any tears when that piece of **** croaks…

... but you went after my sister…

... and no one gets away with that!

Sasha: Where was this sisterly love when you left her to fend for herself against me?


Sasha: You stormed off in a fit, and took your toys with you…

…leaving your poor sister to pick up the pieces.

It was all too easy pulling your pathetic alliance apart.

You were like dominoes, just waiting for someone to come and give a little push.

I was told that it was going to be tricky to split you guys up…

... but it was the easiest part of this whole operation.

Kara: That’s it. I’m going to cut your tongue out and make you eat it!

Sasha: That’s right, get angry. It's when you make the best decisions.

As we’ve seen…

You’re all running around, each trying to play the hero.

It made the next phase of the plan all the more easy.

Kara: What do you keep rambling on about?

Sasha: You’ll find out soon enough.

I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Kara: The prisoners…

Sasha: Oops, looks like someone has been doing a little digging.

If only you knew...

Anyways, the time of my revenge is close at hand.

I have been waiting a long time to see Malachi broken before me.

But, since you’re here, I’ll have to unveil my masterpiece a little early.

Don't be too upset though, Kara.

Know that once I’m done with you, I will kill Malachi.

(In Battle Dialogue)

RUBI 2.0: Sasha is inbound to this location. Recommend destroying these defenses before her arrival in 3 minutes.  

Sasha: So, killing my father wasn't enough for you?!

RUBI 2.0: Sasha’s estimated arrival time: 60 seconds.  

Sasha is 30 seconds out.

Sasha: Welcome to your end, Commander.

(Action Required In Battle Dialogue)

Sasha: Current heading is leaving me exposed. Applying course correction.

Flight path compromised. Executing emergency maneuvers!

My masterpiece! All core systems are critical or failing!  

Commencing emergency extraction. Revenge will have to wait.

This isn’t over, Commander...

If you see any spelling/grammar differences from the In-game version it's because I tried to correct it/ make sound better to the best of my ability. I am also sorry if there is any missed dialogue especially when it comes to action activated dialogue. There is also some missplaced character dialogue boxes so fixed that to who/where they should to make more sense.

Faction Track Storylines:  Corpus Track  Sentinel Track

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