Today in the WC Universe during Operation: Red Revelation Shadow Closer to Sealing the Back Door

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In this event story runthrough I had the help from @nametagg0,@HotSausage as idotsandwich123 and @drag0nsun as Heavenslion in Discord.

Main Track Storyline: Please read this part first if you haven't done so already.

Corpus Faction Track

Corpus Target (1)

Shadow: Are you certain about this, Santiago?

Santiago: Yes ma’am. These are the coordinates Andrew called in during his last report.

Shadow: Another Red Lokust detention center…

...I had thought we had dispatched all of these.

Santiago: It is confusing. But as I said, these are the correct coordinates.

If you would like, I can run a diagnostics test on our equipment…

Shadow: That will not be necessary, Santiago.

I am just curious as to what Sasha’s plan is.

Now that she has engaged Malachi directly, what use to her are these prisoners?

Santiago: Perhaps the prisoners will have that information, ma’am.

Shadow: Perhaps. Either way, we cannot allow them to rot in those cells.

Santiago: I’ll get geared up, ma’am, and I’ll inform the medical teams to be on standby.

Shadow: What are you up to now, Sasha...

Corpus Target (2)

Andrew: Black Leader reporting in, please acknowledge.

Shadow: Go ahead, Andrew.

Andrew: I’ve located another Red Lokust facility.

Shadow: More prisoners?

Andrew: Affirmative. But, there’s something strange about this facility.

Shadow: What do you mean?

Andrew: These cells appear to have been erected in a hurry…

... and don’t look like they are intended to last very long.

I think they’re moving them, ma’am.

Shadow: Moving? To where?

Andrew: I don’t know yet, ma’am.

Even stranger is that the trail I’ve been following has led me right here.

Whoever is behind the return of the Red Lokust…

I think they’re connected to Operation: Closed Door.

Shadow: That is most troubling…

Andrew, take out the facility, free those prisoners, and see if you can uncover any more information.

Andrew: Yes, ma’am. Moving out.

Corpus Target (3)

Santiago: Ma’am, I am reading a large energy signature emanating from this area.

Shadow: What do you think it is, Santiago?

Santiago: I’m not entirely sure. However, the signature is beginning to dissipate.

Whatever the source was, it has moved on.

Shadow: Can you track it?

Santiago: I believe so. Something that would leave a trace like this has to be…big.

Although…something seems to be messing with my equipment.

I’m getting a lot of interference.

Shadow: Communications are jammed as well, I cannot reach anyone.

According to Andrew's last communication, this is the path of the prisoner transports.

Santiago: It seems to be getting worse the closer we get to this facility, ma’am.

Shadow: Whatever was going on at this location, Sasha obviously didn’t want anyone to find it. Santiago, you know what to do.

We need to find intel about what Sasha’s plans are...

... I have a feeling she is after more than just Malachi.

Santiago: Yes, ma’am. It may take some time, there appears to be a lot of air cover.

Shadow: Let me worry about that, Santiago.

Neil and his forces are still in the area, I will attempt to signal them to give you the cover you need.

Corpus Target (4)

Santiago: This is where the energy trail leads, ma’am.

Though, I’m not seeing anything that would be capable of…

Sasha: Well, well, well.

This day is just full of surprises.

Shadow: What are you doing here, Sasha?

I would have thought you would be busy with Malachi.

Not running around, collecting prisoners.

Sasha: Oh, I’m not the one collecting prisoners, Shadow.

Shadow: But, we found…

Sasha: You misunderstand. Those are definitely prisoners…

... but they’re not for me.

Shadow: ...

Sasha: I do so love seeing you confused, Shadow.

I love how angry it makes you.

While you and the rest of your “alliance” have been chasing your tails…

... the next phase of the plan has been going on around you.

There's only one loose end to tie up before we can properly proceed…

... and that's Malachi.

Shadow: What plan, and who are you working with?

Sasha: Tsk tsk, Shadow. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I’d hate to miss the look on your face when it’s revealed.

Shadow: Your time is up, Sasha.

Surrender now, tell me everything I need to know…

... and we will be lenient on you.

Sasha: Who’s “we”, Shadow?

All I see is you and your pathetic forces.

No reinforcements, no allies.

No way out.

The mighty alliance has crumbled, and will soon be nothing but a memory.

I was saving this for Malachi, but since you worked so hard to get here…

... allow me to show you the source of the signal you’ve been tracking.

Santiago: Ma'am, I’m reading that energy signal again…

…it’s getting bigger.

Sasha: Behold, my masterpiece!

(In Battle Dialogue)

RUBI 2.0: Sasha is inbound to this location. Recommend destroying these defenses before her arrival in 3 minutes.  

Sasha: So, killing my father wasn't enough for you?!

RUBI 2.0: Sasha’s estimated arrival time: 60 seconds.  

Sasha is 30 seconds out.

Sasha: Welcome to your end, Commander.

(Action Required In Battle Dialogue)

Sasha: Current heading is leaving me exposed. Applying course correction.

Flight path compromised. Executing emergency maneuvers!

My masterpiece! All core systems are critical or failing!  

Commencing emergency extraction. Revenge will have to wait.

This isn’t over, Commander...

If you see any spelling/grammar differences from the In-game version it's because I tried to correct it/ make sound better to the best of my ability. I am also sorry if there is any missed dialogue especially when it comes to action activated dialogue. There is also some missplaced character dialogue boxes so fixed that to who/where they should to make more sense.

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