Today in the WC Universe during Operation: Red Revelation Malachi Trying to Clear His Name

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In this event story runthrough I had the help from @nametagg0,@HotSausage as idotsandwich123 and @drag0nsun as Heavenslion in Discord.

Main Track Storyline: Please read this part first if you haven't done so already.

Sentinels Faction Track

Sentinels Target (1)

Galen: We appear to have lost Sasha and her forces, Brother.

We have suffered many casualties, but we should be able to rest.

Malachi: Thank you, Galen.

Sasha’s offensive was more… ferocious than I was anticipating.

Galen: The loss of a family member can be a powerful motivator.

Malachi: Indeed…

Galen: Brother, may I be candid?

Malachi: Of course.

Galen: I do not recall hearing of any executions, especially of prisoners…

Why does Sasha believe that we are responsible for such an action?

Malachi: I do not know, Galen.

But I intend to find out.

Ardra: Brother, we have located a Red Lokust prison facility nearby.

It appears that many of our troops that got lost in the previous battle are here.

Galen: The Red Lokust are still taking prisoners?

I thought they were doing that in an attempt to locate us.

Why continue?


Ardra, you and your forces are cleared to engage. Liberate our brothers and sisters.

Ardra: By your will, Brother Malachi.

Sentinels Target (2)

Galen: We are receiving a message from Martin, Brother.

Malachi: Put him through, Galen.

Martin: Brother, it is as you feared.

We have located more prisoners being held in Red Lokust facility.

Malachi: **** her…

Martin: Something is perplexing me though, Brother.

Malachi: Yes, Martin?

Martin: It seems as if they the Red Lokust are about to move these ones…

... and the cells they are in look rather hastily erected…

Malachi: Hm…

Martin, keep your eyes on the prisoners, and follow them if they are moved.

We will move to your current position and bring the Machine God’s wrath upon the facility.

Martin: By your will, Brother. Over and out.

Galen: Something’s not right, Brother.

Malachi: I agree. But unfortunately, we lack the information necessary to change course.

We must push forward until we know more…

... even if it is just to stay ahead of the Red Lokust dogs at our heels.

Sentinels Target (3)

Galen: These are the coordinates provided by Martin, Brother.

I can no longer contact him though, or anyone else for that matter…

Malachi: There is a heavy enemy air presence here.

It is likely that Martin broke off to await reinforcements.

But the lack of communication is concerning.

Galen: I believe this Red Lokust facility is interfering with our systems.

The last thing we detected was a rather large energy signal.

Malachi: We may not have been supposed to discover this location.

Sasha: You’re early, Malachi.

Malachi: Sasha, what in the name of the Machine God are you up to?

Your anger should be directed at me, not my people!

Sasha: Your people are no better than you, Malachi.

It was your people that put the bullet in my father’s head!

Malachi: Who gave you this information, Sasha?

Who is feeding you such lies?

Sasha: You dare to stand there and deny what you’ve done!

I have seen it with my own eyes, Malachi…

... I have seen his lifeless body before me.


Sasha: As much as I want to just walk over there and gun you down like you did to him…

... I have something else in store for you.

Come after me if you dare.

Oh, and don’t worry about your precious people, Malachi.

They are going to be well looked after.

Sentinels Target (4)

Sasha: I will admit, Malachi, that I am impressed by your bravery.

To approach your own death with your head held high.

I can respect that.

Malachi: Enough talk, Sasha!

You have done enough damage to this Sector…

... to the Sentinels…

... to me.

Sasha: Poor Malachi. It’s not fun having to take responsibility for your actions, is it?

Malachi: Perhaps your father’s execution was him taking responsibility.

Galen: Brother...

Sasha: So, you finally admit it… you did kill him!

Malachi: Clearly someone thought he should pay for the things he has done.

But I assure you, it was not me.

Sasha: More lies!

The prisoners I have sent... away…

... they're going to curse your name, Malachi.

Everything that has happened here... everything that will happen.

It’s all your fault.

I almost want to let you live, so you can see what happens next.

But, that is not part of the plan…

... and I have been waiting a long time for this.

Malachi: It is time we ended this, Sasha.

Sasha: I couldn't agree more.

It’s time to unveil the bringing of your destruction.

Look to the skies, Malachi. But do not expect to find your salvation…

... for you will only find your doom!

(In Battle Dialogue)

RUBI 2.0: Sasha is inbound to this location. Recommend destroying these defenses before her arrival in 3 minutes.  

Sasha: So, killing my father wasn't enough for you?!

RUBI 2.0: Sasha’s estimated arrival time: 60 seconds.  

Sasha is 30 seconds out.

Sasha: Welcome to your end, Commander.

(Action Required In Battle Dialogue)

Sasha: Current heading is leaving me exposed. Applying course correction.

Flight path compromised. Executing emergency maneuvers!

My masterpiece! All core systems are critical or failing!  

Commencing emergency extraction. Revenge will have to wait.

This isn’t over, Commander...

If you see any spelling/grammar differences from the In-game version it's because I tried to correct it/ make sound better to the best of my ability. I am also sorry if there is any missed dialogue especially when it comes to action activated dialogue. There is also some missplaced character dialogue boxes so fixed that to who/where they should to make more sense.

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