PVP Developer Diary (02/14/2019)

  • Buffer1994
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    the toon attack is back to 7min or is a glitch ?
  • Gambit1453
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    with all respect but i dont think that you know what we mean by 69 
    69 is not taking a friendly bubble  69 is having your friend holding your base while u attacking and the only soulotion for it is  not to allow anyone attacking your base while u attacking someone that will work in 2 ways it gives attackers a chance to attack and it will give the chance to the enemy to revenge your attack if you have a friend waitting for u to finish and attack u before enemy good luck and if enemy get to u they have to fight ur friends paltoons and if the  infamy lose and gain between 1 and 2 and 3 stars the 69 have less meaning already 
    This sounds good to me, 
  • Abi Manyu
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    account sulit untuk loading
  • Eye Oh
    Eye Oh
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    until you get rid of the roaches, none of this matters...
  • CaptaiNHowdY55
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    I read a whole lot of stuff but there didn't seem to be much really said. Seemed like lip service to me. We want action being taken, not to sit here and read a book with no results.

  • whowhy
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    whowhy said:
    ddg make it right and make up loss and tell the trurth
    whowhy said:
    ddg make it right and make up loss and tell the trurth

  • kixeyeuser_1375032198414_6217_504840765
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    TBH there are to many players n clans that think they own WC they even say it in chat, if it's just infamy then they don't spend on the game or play events, holdout, warpath etc but cheats n hacks which slow the whole game down, old saying cheats never prosper but in WC they do, not only that their chasing good players away from the game & new players are rare by the amount on the daily indicator & now it seems they can jump during events to ruin players who are competing 
  • smallsteps
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    This is intriguing to hear.I hope you come through with what you have said here.
  • CardinalKev
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    I haven't received my payout for last pvp season just finished. Whats going on?
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