9.07 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Thursday, February 14th update.

[PVP Update] Multiple changes to PVP are arriving on Friday, February 15th at 10 AM PST.

  1. Earning Stars is now based on damage dealt during a battle

    1. Finishing off a nearly defeated Base will no longer result in 3 Stars

    2. A message from Friendly Fixer: Stars are now ‘earned’ by doing damage that achieve specific thresholds. Those are: 50%, 75% and 100%. Attacking a base that is fully repaired will mean you can earn 3 stars if you flatten it. Attacking a base where it is over 50% but less than 75% will only grant up to 2 stars, one for achieving 75% and another for achieving 100%. Bonus infamy is granted at 2 and 3 stars, so there is even more reward for flattening a base completely.

    3. Attacking and doing no damage will not result in any infamy gain.

  2. Platoon vs Platoon battle timer will be lowered to 3 minutes

  3. Earn more stars in a battle to unlock bonus Infamy

To kick off these new changes, we will also be initiating a Bonus Infamy Weekend beginning on Friday at 10 AM PST.

[Missions] New Missions have been added to the game

  • Fixed an issue where the Bishop’s Lumos Aura would last for 18 seconds instead of 35 seconds

  • Fixed an issue where multiple applicable Heroes could not be placed in the Defensive Platoon

  • Fixed an issue where rejecting all Missions would not reset the cooldowns

  • Instant Finishing multiple different types of Missiles no longer results in Missiles sometimes disappearing

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