Forsaken Mission Nightmare

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Generally I do not like to complain, however the weekly mission has gotten out of hand.  Most of us have full time jobs, which enables us to play this expensive game, but the release of so much content every single week is just overkill.  Why would I want to do any of the campaigns or extra events when I have to get 40 million points a week to clear the prize list?  Heck, when would I have time? I can get about about 8 million points a day without coins, at the cost of ALWAYS having my dragons to repair.  It is just not fun, I started playing to have fun, and you even took that away.  Kixeye has even made building ships a nightmare, because next week or next month you have to refit the current fleet with the new weapons or specials that should have been available when we redeemed the hull, so even the coiner of ships cannot have his/her fleet ready for events.  You have taken away any chance of even getting build tokens for current fleet. This was the first campaign in months that offered siege tokens, on ships that still have to be refit for next months raid.  I even tried the camp, THANK YOU for the 36 coin repair so I could get a box of titanium..really useful, at that rate it would be cheapen to buy the ship instead of earning it through battle.  Lastly, would you stop with the mission impossible blueprints?  I understand a "limited flagship hull" but the idea that a BLUEPRINT can only build one cannon or one armor is freaking stupid..enough with the nickle dime BS, BRING THE FUN BACK INTO THE GAME.  Make people WANT to throw money at you, not demand it..people who want to spend money spend more then people who are forced to.
     RECAP:   Stop with the content overload in the weekly, it will give players the chance to do events or campaigns,  STOP with the Limited Blueprints that can only build weapon, it is NOT Mission Impossible, and finally, GIVE US THE CHANCE to get ALL the items for the fleet so we only have to build ships once...You have already chased all my friends from the game, don't chase me away too.
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    Agree 100%, catering to coiners, about it. "they pay the bills" they say. I'm not about to get started on this but, used to be able to get stuff, now its impossible.. ridiculous
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