Suggest new Building and new Creature missile

Minor Nuisance
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For years I been asking for a Dry dock for refitting. With so many new hulls to build.It a no brainier to have this or part of one of the building already present like the Navel Lab.

 Also part of that like in War Commander we could craft items need for that hull. I used that feature in WC for a long time.

 In WC we have the Zombie Bomb love it when it eats the base out. Why not have a Creature from the Black Lagoon Missile. Let it eat out the player island. Nothing like that to key off a player with an impossible base.  But again he better have hard skin. 

Like in WC having an force field over the OP would be interesting. The Breacker make short work of all the armor point and something should be done to counter the Arb 2. 
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