Alliance rewards, golden, silver and bronze Nexus...etc.

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The current Pillage event reward mess and the Bounty Golden Nexus bonus gave me the reason to write some suggestions:

With the leaderboard rewards from a special event like the Pillage, there is a big unbalance in the game, because only very few - and ALWAYS
the SAME - alliances can get those rewards.

So at a certain level, those alliances have some sort of monopol....because of the numbers of high level members, or because of the numbers of

The same is happening every Bounty event with the Golden Nexuses: only few alliances will hold them, and you guess it: thats also
ALWAYS the SAME alliances.

With that advantages, those big alliances have, smaller alliances will questioning their efforts to even participate in events like the Pillage or Bountys.
But there should be rewards for everyone, if that pirates are active in Bountys or special events.

So its time to create leaques: golden, silver and bronze! With that, we would create playgrounds for everyone.

The Bounty events need golden, silver and bronze Nexuses...probably like that: 10 golden, 100 silver and 1000 bronze ones.
But there must be the rule, that a alliance could only hold ONE Nexus at the same time! Otherwise, the top 10 allys would sit everywhere.
With that additional Nexuses, smaller alliances would also be able to USE their Megaships - which will also give the Megaships a reason to exist.

And the leaderboard prizes from events should have a golden, a silver and a bronze leaque, so even smaller alliances could get something better,
as the number 100-10.000 "standard" prize for the participation.

I understand it, that there must be a difference between the big alliances and the small alliances, but the gap between the top 1% and the rest
shouldnt grow unproportional, because otherwise, the top 10 or 20 alliances would need their own world to create a even playground, because
all other pirates would be to far behind without the bonus toys, the big alliance can and will get.
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