9.06 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Wednesday, February 6th update.

[Token Limit Display] See how many Tokens you can purchase before reaching the limit.

[February Gear Store Update] The Gear Store is STACKED for February. Don’t miss out on the new Law Warpaint for the Judge, and new Tech for Martin, Neil, and Kyle.

[Warpath: Ultra] Double the attacks, double the fun! Fight for your spot on the Leaderboard and take advantage of double Blood Thorium and Medal payouts! The Blood Market has also been updated with the following Heroes and their Tokens:

  • Kyle

  • Neil

  • Martin

Start: February 8th at 10 AM PST

End: February 11th at 10 AM PST

[Challenge Bases] We have made updated to current Challenge Bases on the World Map

  • Fixed an issue where RF Caretaker units would not patrol properly in Bases

  • Fixed an issue where the multi-purchase functionality would allow you to try to buy quantities greater than 1 for Hero purchases

  • Fixed a known issue where the Kraken would fire multiple shots at single targets

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