Inferno dragon build, what to choose

Scooby Gc8
Scooby Gc8
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In the last 2 weeks i've grinded alot in FM and managed to get most blueprints to create a nice Inferno dragon. However im stuck between 2 designs, and can't choose.

Design 1 uses lowered explosive mount, which increase the speed to 70, but reduces the explosive range by 25%. Damage from design 1 is around 607k vs 551k damage from design 2. Also defence seems to have only a little difference (95% in explosive and penetration defence in design 1 vs 93% in design 2).

Design 2 replaces the lowered explosive mount with combustion system 2, increasing splash by an additional 60%. The movement speed of design 2 is 59.


Design 1   - Design 2
Damage: 607k - 551k
Defence: 95% - 93%
move speed: 70 - 59
expl. range: 30% - 55% (79.1 range - 105.4 range).

The ships will be used in FM, and will be driven manually.

Design 1:


design 2:


What would you do, and why?

  • Scooby Gc8
    Scooby Gc8
    Potential Threat
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 75
    Just noticed i could replace the high yield warhead with High Velocity rounds, this will make me able to add up more armour (d5-xm x 4)


    I could replace the charged armour with d6-m later once its obtainable (currently only d6-x available on fm).

    Still current question is, lowered mount, yes or no.
  • KrozeR
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    I am going with Lowered Explosive Mount, not decided on armor yet.
    RF-X Engine
    High Yield Warheads
    Ablative Armor 3
    Warhead Reloader
    Lowered Explosive Mount
    Siege Battery 4

    Twinfire Rockets x6
    Gale 2 + Phalanx 4

  • whatever11
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    i have lower mount on full dragon fleet with flag, i hit 120's & 121's & drive like a bull in a china mostly & careful some times, the range of damage i get is between 45 min( carefully in a 120) to  1hr 15min in a 121( bull in china shop driving)(.can get under 1hr if drive well)
    so lower mount is good for bad drivers &/or lots of lag.
    full dragon fleets without lower mount get way less damage in 120's if driven well, but if drive badly or bad lag, damage goes way up & thay don't do as well in 121's.
    bottom line- if you like to drive well & get little lag dragon without lower mount is best but,
    if you can't drive well over & over or you get bad lag at times or have trouble finding only 120's( as many hit only 120's) or prefer to drive drunk then lower mount is the way to .
    i normal get all build tokens in under 1 hr of hitting for around 8 to 10hrs damage & repair  over night, fm done quickly without the "chore " feeling.
    didn't look at rest of your build, just answering  the lower mount( short range dragons) or no lower mount dragons( long range dragons) question.
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